Factor, the company that developed the Factor001 road bike with integrated electronics for measuring rider biometrics, will unveil their 3rd generation product early next year. That, admittedly, was a proof of concept project, followed by the Aston Martin special edition (shown above). Now, they’re looking to bring something to market that’s more likely to join your local group ride.

PRESS RELEASE: The latest addition to the Factor Bikes product range will be unveiled at the London Bike Show, 17th January 2013, at the ExCel London. The new model promises to be every bit as revolutionary as its predecessors, exhibiting advanced technology and inspired design, distinguishing it from the standard bike. There are however significant differences, which will appeal to the cycling community.

“We’ve been hard at work on this bike for almost two years, and the development has paid off,” says Managing Director John Bailey. “It is a breathtaking machine, and we cannot wait to show it to the public.”

The new bike has remained a very secretive project since work began on it, and promises to deliver a number of surprises. “The London Bike Show is the perfect venue for the bike’s unveiling,” says Business Development Director James Shingleton. “We’re an English company, so being able to show the bike at home, to both the press and public in one venue is ideal.” Shingleton and the Factor team have been working on the electronic integration of the new bike with designer Steve Domahidy, and it promises a host of on-board electronics, centred around the 3rd generation Factor power measurement cranks.

Factor’s first offering was the Factor001, which was initially conceived to showcase the capabilities of bf1systems in a single project. Following the acclaim of the Factor001, Factor teamed up with bf1systems client Aston Martin, to release the Aston Martin One-77 Cycle.

Factor Bikes objective has evolved into something much more focused; to develop a market-leading bike, incorporating ground-breaking technology and contemporary design.

The London Bike Show is the UK’s premier cycling exhibition and in 2012 attracted over 85,000 visitors. The 2013 Show takes place 17th – 20th January at ExCeL, London.


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