2013 Veloboy in-car rolling bike rack

Veloboy’s in-car bike racks get updated to accommodate more axle options, and they’re now offering a standalone fork mount base that can be bolted to your floorboard…or not.

The new M1 fork rack will come with two fork mounts, you choose combo of QR or thru-axle. Affix it to your floorboard with bolts if you want, or (just thinking out loud here), apply the sticky side of some adhesive-backed Velcro to the underside of it and just plant it where you want it. Likely, with two bikes mounted, you’d have to be rally-carring it to get them to topple, but for single bike trips, might be best to secure it in some fashion.

The M1 will retail for €169, US pricing TBD. They’re trying to grow in the US, looking for a distributor.

2013 Veloboy in-car rolling bike rack

The M1 does away with the roll-out tray and kickstand. Thru-axle fork mount shown, just loosen the red knob and slide it to make space for another bike or remove it altogether.


  1. Nice thought, but I’d have to remove my saddle every time I put my bike in the back of my rig (due to clearance issues with the top of the hatch-jamb). Currently I just tip the bike sideways, back it in and clamp it in the fork mount (if I’m not using my Thule T2 receiver rack).

  2. I like it. Its clean. Maybe they have a seat post stop that you install on your seat post to get quick and accurate re-installation.

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