Tradeshow Gallery – Cool Mountain Bikes from Devinci, KTM, Diamondback, Santa Cruz & Chromag!

Like the road bike gallery, we saw plenty of cool mountain bikes that maybe weren’t brand new or we simply didn’t have time to get all the details in the rush of Eurobike and Interbike.

KTM’s full suspension 29er has some great angles and a fairly unique seatstay pivot layout. Where most bikes with this suspension platform put a bit more of a noticeable kink where the rear pivot is, the Scarp’s is virtually hidden inline with the tube. Get a close up and plenty more from lots of big brands below…

The Diamondback Sortie 29er full suspension bike looks good with all the Knucklebox pivot hardware nice and low for a better center of gravity. We haven’t had the chance to ride one yet, but they’re getting more interesting, especially with the long travel prototype Eric Porter’s been testing lately.

A higher end build spec and black paint job make it look even better.

For riders on a budget, the Recoil still offers big wheels but with a simpler single pivot rear suspension reminiscent of some Santa Cruz’s original mountain bikes.

Speaking of Santa Cruz, ENVE’s European distributor had one of the Syndicate team bikes on display with all the additional carbon frame sections, some made by the Utah composites company.

The same booth had two Chromag steel hardtail freeride 29er mountain bikes.

Back in the US, SRAM’s booth had one of Devinci’s World Cup DH bikes on display with a few interesting bits.

Some foamy scrubby stuff inside the chainguide should help keep the links quiet and clean(er).

Note the little carbon fiber race number mounts between the fork crowns. And the DLC black stanchions.



6 thoughts on “Tradeshow Gallery – Cool Mountain Bikes from Devinci, KTM, Diamondback, Santa Cruz & Chromag!

  1. I’m kinda disappointed with this year’s bike expos. The big brands are doing nothing more than offer their usual products in 650b…

    I know it’s a hard time for the industry with the global crisis and stuff, but other than the SRAM XX1 gruppo, nothing has catched my attention.

    The 650b hype has got a strong grip in the MTB community… I said it before, and I’m repeating it now: How long will it take for SDG to make a 650b-specific saddle?

  2. I’m currently testing the 650b saddle prototype and I can tell you that it is perfect. A little longer than my 26er saddle but just perfectly shorter than my 29er saddle.

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