Kickstarted: Spurcycle’s Grip Rings

Spurcycle has announced they’ve made it through their Kickstarter campaign and are now live and selling their individual color-customizable silicone rings for your handlebars. The Grip Rings are  $1.50 $3.00 per color pair of rings (one for each side) plus $4.00 for a set of black bar end plugs. That means a standard grip that uses 7 rings per side, like in the picture above, will set you back $14.50 $25.00 plus tax and shipping.


4 thoughts on “Kickstarted: Spurcycle’s Grip Rings

  1. I’m wondering if it is good for downhill.
    It should be softer than lockon grips.

    How many month do the chineese need to copy it, and resell a complete set at 1,50$ freeshiping worldwide at ebay… o.O

  2. I went to the site and unless they’ve made an error it’s actually $1.50/ring not per ring set. Meaning a 7 ring grip set will actually cost $25, not $14.50. $14.50 is reasonable, $25 is not, especially when you need a larger grip and the price goes up to $28+shipping. That’s a lot of money for a set of grips that I can’t touch and feel before I buy. I’m out…

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