With a name like Capo (and Italian tricolors everywhere), it’s no surprise that Capo are enamored with Italy and its strong cycling heritage.  What may be surprising is that the Californian company walk the walk, with every one of their pieces made in a family-owned factory in Italy itself.  Not only are the clothes made in Italy, but they are rich with nice details, impressive fabrics, and some of the nicest pads on the market.  Cross the border for a look at some of our favorite details and what we’re assured is the most comfortable ladies’ bib design on the market.

The Ciprossa ladies' bib short incorporates a lightweight tank top that is said to be unequaled for comfort. With so many people using baselayers even in the summer, the solution makes sense!
The Volta jersey mixes fabric types and weights to keep the sun out and to maximize cooling. The zipper garage is one of those things that goes unnoticed until hour five- and then only because of the absence of an angry red spot caused by an unprotected zip.
The boundary-pushing Ceramica bib shorts incorporate ceramic dots to improve both abrasion resistance and thermoregulation.



  1. Capo really need to stop the Italian theme thing! I love all things Italy, but I don’t want to wear their colors when cycling. Capo designers, have you heard of Rapha?

  2. So, since you like Rapha everyone should design their clothes like them? That sounds interesting. Maybe we can all just wear black/white/pink all the time with no variation…ever.

  3. @brandon you must be color blind of some sort or your way of seeing things is extremely limited. FYI, Rapha does use other colors beside black and white and pink.

  4. @Meta: it was a HUGE deal when just this fall Rapha announced that they were using colors. Historically, everything is black/white with a dash of pink, that’s what they built their brand on.

    @Evan: Check out their entire line, not just the two pieces in this post. Almost every piece has the Italian colors on it.

  5. @Brandon I feel sad for you 😉 Do a google image search and you’ll see that you’re wrong. Rapha has always done lots of colors!

  6. Meta: I realize they have a “few” colors in their line, and have done a few jerseys of different colors through the years. But, they built their brand around black/white and a dash of pink. “Lot’s” is a funny word in that to you it seems it means about “4”….

    Look at their bibs, see anything other than black? See anything in their line that doesn’t have a pink tag on it? Do you know the lineup when they launched? Go back, say, 3-4 (lot’s) of seasons and see what their lineup looks like.

  7. brandon,
    “lot’s” is a funny word. it should be “lots”. not getting in the middle of this, just pointing it out.
    the women’s bib short is awesome. half way to a skinsuit/speed suit.

  8. The day that Rapha has half the features of Capo clothing, I will buy Rapha. That clothing looks cool when you ride your Dixie to the coffee shop but it is not a performance line at all.

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