Note the detatchable 'stinger'

Announced earlier this year, it wasn’t until Interbike that we got the chance to lay our hands on Lazer’s new Wasp (WAtt Saving Performance) time trial helmet.  Really optimized for TT use (the Tardiz is better suited for longer triathlon distances), the Wasp feature integrated glasses and the detatchable tail is removable for travel (or possible future alternate tails).  Cross the line for more photos as well as information on the downhill- and trail-oriented Phoenix and Rox…

The Wasp is scheduled to be available next April.
Moveable windscreen allows for a bit of extra ventillation.

The full-face Phoenix BMX/downhill helmet (photo as soon as we have one) was designed with the input of one of former-motorsports-sister-company Lazer’s moto designers.  At under 1Kg and $100, the five sizes will make for a good fit and compelling package for anyone who doesn’t want to spend $300 for a DH lid.

Finally, the $115 Lazer Rox is an O2 optimized for mountain bike use with the addition of a visor and adjustable-height Rollsys retention system.  The price is right, the helmet is light (290g), and it’s a looker too.

What do you think?