Moment Industries Disc Brake Rotor Skull 160mm

Late this summer, Dirty Dog MTB changed their name to Moment Industries and released a fresh 185mm disc rotor with a video. Current sizes are 160, 185, and 203mm (sorry, no 180mm yet). Shown above is the Skull 160mm packed with bones and iron crosses. Priced at $69.95, it’s also available  in 185mm ($77.95) and 203mm ($79.95). They’re laser cut and made in California.

Also, MI is set to release some carbon 60mm and 80mm stems, and oversized carbon risers in a couple months. Images haven’t come in, but they’ll probably be as fresh as the cx and mountain bike disc bling after the break…

Moment Industries Disc Brake Rotor 160mm

We had a chance to review the Web back when they were Dirty Dog MTB. This is their most affordable rotor, priced at $38.95 and available in 160mm. All rotors are 410 series straight-chromium stainless steel.

Moment Industries Disc Brake Rotors Ace 160mm

The Ace rotor speaks for itself. Available in 160mm for $69.95.

Moment Industries Disc Brake Rotor Storm 185mm

Debuted earlier this summer is the Storm disc rotor in 185mm. They’re making them in 160, 185, and 203mm versions priced the same as the Skull. On top of these designs, there’s a few more at the Moment Industries website.


  1. Spades and iron crosses are two of the best shapes for dissipating heat, water, and trapped brake dust/gasses. Everyone knows that.

  2. So they’ve fixed their name but are still selling this junk… whatever. At least they didn’t change Dog to ‘Dawg,’ so they’re making progress.

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