Yakima purchased the Whispbar brand a bit ago and is now starting to further separate the two brands, using Whispbar as the premium offering. That said, we’re combining the two for this post because other than the slick axle mount system above, all of the other new products are on the Yakima side.

The WhispBar base system runs between $400 and $500 depending on vehicle/mount type, plus $249 for each accessory. That includes the slick new tray mount in the video that converts between QR and 15mm thru axle in about two seconds. Either way, it only requires one lock to secure the fork.

Not into roof racks? Click on through for all manner of hitch and truck bed options…

Taking the accessories on and off the cross bars is equally easy, just pull two opposing levers on the front and back to release it. When you lock your fork on, it also locks the mount, keeping everything in place. Easy peasy.

Another of the Whispbar accessories is this sweet lay-flat boat/canoe carrier.

2013 Yakima Full Swing and Full Tilt carrier hitch mount bike rack

The new carrier hitch racks include the Full Swing (right) and Full Tilt (center). The Full Swing comes out to the side and the Full Tilt tilts down with that red top-mounted release lever so you don’t have to reach down between bikes to pull a lever. When it’s off the car, the hitch section tilts up, too, for more compact storage.

The new Swing Daddy (left) brings the swinging hitch arm down to $399 by dropping some of the security features and premium padded arms of the Full Swing.

2013 Yakima Full Swing and Full Tilt carrier hitch mount bike rack

Both the Full Swing and Full Tilt carrier hitch racks have a self locating pin on the left that catches the hole in the hitch. Once it’s in place, a locking knob (red) expands a wedge to keep it from wobbling.

2013 Yakima Hold Up tray hitch mount bike rack

The Hold Up tray mount rack adds adjustability to each tray, letting you slide them 2.5″ left or right to improve handlebar/seat clearance when porting around two or more bikes. Arms get a bit longer to better accommodate 29ers and get beefier pivots. They also add short cable locks on each arm. All are welcome features (I’ve had one of these on my vehicle for about two years now).

2013 Yakima Crashpad tailgate cover and Bedrock and Biker Bar truck bed bike racks

Their new Crashpad is just $89 for either medium or large sizes. It straps around your tailgate and has an access hatch for the tailgate handle.

Bedrock is like a tower solution for the truck bed. Oversized cams lock it onto the sides of the bed wall, then you insert the proper cross bars and wheel trays (or whatever else you want to install and carry). A set of four with locks is $199 plus bars. Comes with several different claws to fit various models, including those with internal tracks like the Toyota Tundra.

The Biker Bar is a set with two of the Bedrock clamps, a cross bar and two locking fork mounts as a kit for $239.


  1. Yakima’s normal line is over priced garbage. I’d love to see how much extra I don’t get for their ‘premium’ line. I hate to be a hater, but I bought one Yakima rack and a few accessories for about $600. Within a year all of the accessories had broken. Such poor quality.

  2. @Whyat. That’s odd, I’m still using the rack system I bought in 1992. I added a couple more bike kits (King Cobra) a few years ago. I did have to replace a tray and crossbar when the Mrs. drove into the garage with a bike on top. Other than that it’s been flawless.

  3. Best hitch rack: 1UpUsa. Modular, light, removable. Can be single tray, two trays, 1+1, 2+1, 1+2…

    Use your own lock, but that is actually more robust..

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