When the founder of Marzocchi and the bulk of its engineering team walked away  to form a new suspension company, DVO, they told us to expect great things. This image is the first inkling of what they have in store. Smells like an inverted fork! For everyone who’s been holding out since the early 2000s, we may finally be getting that long lost spiritual successor of the Shiver.

We’ll keep you informed of developments as we get them. Feel free to speculate in the comments for now…


  1. I thought the cycling industry would give up on inverted forks after Fox failed to make a good one.
    Inverted forks to me seem like pull-shocks, relics of the past that we moved away from for a reason

  2. You can actually see these dropouts in metal, mounted on stanchion tubes and also damper assemblies in the September issue of Dirt magazine.

    Top end motorcycle forks are USD, why not for bicycles too? This is for a double crown DH fork, not a weight weenie XC model.

  3. If they can manage to give the fork good torsional rigidity with some long wearing bushings, assuming they think that going with non-round stanchions is the key.

    (pun intended)

  4. I bet they will be the bomb but does the world need another ultra expensive product? $4.00 a gallon gas or a new fork? Anyway, good for them l wish them the best

  5. @MarkW @Dirtyonethirty

    and did everyone forget about the Manitou Dorado? It’s still being produced, kicks ass, and comes in a rifle case!


    Don’t Worry… I’m positive you’re not their target customer.

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