Correction:  The North Face’s line is called the Long Way Home.  Our apologies to TNF!

The North Face are entering their second season in the cycling world with a mix of techincally and casually styled mountain and commuter clothing while drawing on the company’s extensive gear design experience. Take, for example, the shirt above. Not out of place on a casual Friday, the breathable/wicking top is woven with reflective materials and lights up impressively when caught by headlights – as seen in the picture on the right. Hit the jump for a tidy XC/road and full-featured freeride jackets!

The Shifter jacket is built from waterproof/breathable Cryptic fabric and has a helmet-friendly hood and numerous vents for wet days on the trail.


The lightweight Accomack is a light weight water- and wind- breaker...
...that packs down small enough to bring along 'just in case.'


  1. I’m waiting for the day a condescending wonka talks down to me. I will invite him along for a ride, it’s okay, willy, I have a bike for you too.

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