Co-Motion VeloRaptore Full Bike

Cyclocross bikes are nothing new to Co-Motion Cycles.  They have been producing the Lucifer and the Demon for a while now.  For 2013, they have doubled their ‘cross lineup by including two new bikes that make use of disc brakes.  The demonic naming scheme has been ditched in favor of a prehistoric selection . The new bikes are dubbed VeloRaptor (steel) and CX Rex (aluminum).

The VeloRaptor is hand built using Reynolds 853 steel tubing.  A tapered headtube is presnt, along with a Chris King InSet headset and an Enve disc fork.  The bike uses a BB30, and a size 54 comes in at 18.5 pounds.  Cable routing is able to accomodate full hydraulic hose for the inevitable drop bar hydro levers we keep hearing about as well.  Retail for a complete VeloRaptor runs $5495, and should you do a custom build, the frameset will get rid of $2395.

The CX Rex is the same spec, only done up in aluminum.  A complete runs $5595, and just the frameset costs $2495

Head past the brake for more images of the bikes, and to see just how Co-Motion sets up a house made Rohloff drop bar shifter.

Co-Motion CX Disc Brake Dropouts
New Disc Brake Specific Dropouts with replaceable hangers on either side, as well as fender mounts.
Co-Motion Veloraptor Headtube
New tapered headtube helps make good use of a Chris King InSet and Enve Disc Cross Fork
Co-Motion Velorator Cable Routing
Full hydraulic cable routing equals future proof.
Co-Motion CXRex Full Bike
The CX Rex aluminum version.

Co-Motion Rohloff Drop Bar Shift

Co-Motion Rohollf Drop Bar Shifter Cable Stops

Co-Motion (and their customers) love Rohloff hubs.  However, there wasn’t really a good way to get a Rohloff shifter on oversided drop bars.  So, they do what they always do, and made one.  This new shifter mounts to the 31.8mm section of a drop bar, and keeps things looking nice and tidy.  It also uses the stock Rohloff cable stops, and uses o-rings to keep it sealed.   Retail cost is set at $249.

Co-Motion Stainless Steel Rear Droput

For those that want to add a little bling to their Co-Motion, they now have a polished stainless steel front and rear dropout option.  As a bonus, they can be used as a ground for front generator hubs, making it easier to get your wheel on and off.



  1. I love bike porn as much as the next guy, but can you guys please post information on some reasonably priced new bikes coming out? Is it so hard to make a decent bike that someone with a few kids, mortgage, car payment, etc. can pick up for less than an entry level motorcycle?

    I get that the custom frame, built by boutique shops are going more money, but a $5400 cyclocross bike? $2500 for a steel frame?!

    Less expensive bikes means more people buying bikes which is a good thing.

    Have I lost my mind or has the cycling industry?

  2. @Matt – I see you’re point. Maybe you should read more posts like:

    These types of bikes usually don’t implement things like BB30, tapered head tubes, or fancy materials. IE – run of the mill. AKA boring. So, for most of us, these types of posts are neat just to see what is out there, and what people are doing to keep things fresh. Also, BikeRumor tends to cover things that are new. Surly, for instance makes the same cross check now, as it did several years ago. Sure, it got a single speed build, and sure a disc break model was added, but really…it’s not news worthy. A company like Co-Motion hand makes everything in house. Literally. They machine their dropouts, they weld up their frames, and hell…they even produce their BB30 shells (and eccentric shells) in house. It is a true custom shop, hence the prices. And neither you nor the industry has lost it’s mind. These bikes are a small percent of the cycling industry. Most people are walking into a commuter shop and picking up a low end Jamis, Surly, Salsa, Linus, Kona, Diamondback, etc… and riding off for under $1000. Want to see affordable bikes, hit up your local Craig’s List bike section ha ha. I kid. But seriously, that is where they are.

  3. 2500 is a lot for a steel frame, even if they make their stuff in house. Tapered head tubes and BB30 bottom bracket shells can’t account for an extra 1500 dollars in the price of a frame- they’re standard parts (maybe CoMotion makes theirs in house- but so what?).
    There are experienced builders out there who will make an OX-Platinum frame, full custom, with good welds and all the features you see here, for 900 bucks.

  4. it is just not the cost of cycling that sucks. the price of everything is increasing but our wages are not (at lest not at the same rate). can thank the politicians and our bosses for that…

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