Rudy Project’s latest model, the Stratofly, is a fairly minimal dual lens pair of sport sunglasses. They’re available I’m seven frame colors with any variation of lenses.

Perhaps more interesting is the expansion on their prescription sunglasses program (which the Stratofly can use). Where the typical program uses clip-on Rx lenses inside the sunglasses, the Rydon is now available with a prescription focal section directly on the lower part of the lens, like reading glasses. This lets you see near and far, making it easier to see if your Heart’s about to explode or how much power you’re cranking out on that cycling computer.


  1. http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/index_inner.php?group_id=1&cat_id=77

    Also caught my attention the Spaceguard entered the sport lineup and the Hypermask(/Perofrmance) with some new colors, including some nuts Swarovski-decorated version. The Deewhy also has such a variant.

    The Stratofly seemingly exists as a redundant pair with Rudy’s other half-frame offerings, all of which using Ergo IV nose piece anyway….although on an aesthetic note I do like the arms.

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