With their new Reflex Mk1, Exposure have introduced active light management to their line.  Using the appropriately named Reflex Technology, Exposure use a combination of accelerometers and thermometers to estimate a rider’s speed- and to adjust light accordingly.  Much like speed-adjusted volume in car stereos, this allows Exposure to maximize output on high speed sections (up to 2,200 lumen) while reducing output on climbs to maximize run times.  The result is a light that weighs less than last year’s mid-sized MaXx D while cranking out more light than the massive six pack.  Hit ‘more’ to learn about Exposure’s across-the-board programmable output scheme.

The Reflex can be programmed to cycle through any of eleven (!) combinations of output and run time.
The bonkers 2,000 lumen Six Pack Mk3 also features OMS programming and Exposure's largest battery- while losing 75g.
Included in the entire Exposure performance range, OMS programming is done through the light's single button and seemed pretty intuitive thanks to the laser etched guide on the lights bottom.

CNC machined in England, the Exposure range is available in the US (with US support and chargers) through Ibex Sports.




  1. Editz, this model is for trail riding. Look at the Diablo if you want something for commuting from Exposure. I have one of those and a Toro and they’re both the best lights I’ve had or played with.

  2. Exposure lights are some of the best out there. I have had a Maxx D and a Joy Stick for about 4 years still going strong. After seeing the new lights at the show, I decided to update my lights with a couple of new models. Bring on the time change!

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