WD-40 Bike Line Products Release

We were pumped when WD-40 bike was announced a little while ago. Now the pricing is set, the website is live, and the line will officially hit shelves in November. You’ll be able to pick up wet and dry lubricant for about $8.99, foaming wash for $13.99, heavy duty degreaser for $14.99, a bike frame protectant for $14.49, and a multi-use drip product (not pictured) for $7.99. While we were there we didn’t get to try it, but we’ll have it in the Bikerumor shop before long, so expect to hear some feedback.



  1. I came home and degreased my chain, then applied WD-40 Bike Dry on my chain. I am very impresses with it so far. My chain is super quiet and is running clean. Looks like WD-40 Bike will be a big seller.

  2. I’ve had good enough experiences with biodegradable lubes, polishes, and degreasers (mostly Pedro’s) that I don’t see any reason to buy WD-40 or any other brand that isn’t somehow earth friendly (I am assuming WD-40 is same old chemical company thinking).

  3. Wow, the one product you are absolutely NEVER supposed to use as a lube is now being marketed as a lube. There are so many excellent choices already out there, I see no reason to support this company that really does nothing but license their name.

  4. il give props to the WD-40 Marketing team… they saw a market, and they bought in… i dont know how this stuff is going to work yet, but i can foresee them doing well, because everybody already knows about WD-40.

  5. The trick with using WD-40 as a chain lubricant is to carry a can with you and squirt your chain every 15-20 miles whether it’s squeaking or not.

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