As much as we’ve liked Osprey’s hydration packs and their included bladders, the fact that their bite valve’s “closed” position has traditionally been straight out meant that the bite valve is the first thing to hit the ground when unloading the car.  Osprey have heard the cursing and the spitting of pine needles and updated their bite valve to close in line with the hose.  Problem solved.


  1. Weird- must have been a running change. The one I have here doesn’t, and their designer said that folks were breaking them trying to force them…

  2. Cool. They should make their packs a bit lighter and do something about the adjustment straps that are long enough to fit on an actual camel’s back.

  3. I have a raptor 14, I threw out the hydration reservoir. I prefer camelbaks because they offer a cover for the bite valve, which is important to me because I am a mountain biker, I cover myself with insect repellent. Despite osprey’s magnet on the chest strap to secure the bite valve, I still end up with DEET in my mouth when I take a drink. Osprey should offer something, even a little bag with an elastic closure, to cover their bite valve. I would still buy a raptor 18 if I could find one, the packs are well designed.

What do you think?