2013 Hawk Racing Veyron tubular and clincher aero carbon fiber road bike wheels

Hawk Racing’s news is focused on their wheels, which are all now hand built in Florida using Sapim spokes and Italian Alpina self-locking nipples. They were being built in Taiwan by a friend of his, but they closed their facility to do other things. We’re glad to see it come home.

The wind tunnel tested Veyron rims gain a 42mm carbon clincher. Founder Sven Folmer says the profile is similar to Zipp’s Firecrest shape but are his own design, not from a catalog (yes, we asked directly). Weight is 1,590g for the set, retail is $2,999. His new hubs get a carbon shell with straight pull 20/24 spokes and will be used mostly on the Veyron wheels.

2013 Hawk Racing Veyron tubular and clincher aero carbon fiber road bike wheels


  1. The graphs of wind tunnel results on the Hawk Racing Veyron wheels is completely worthless since they don’t show the results of other rims tested in the same fashion, at the same wind tunnel, under the same meteorological conditions.

  2. PSI Squared, if you would have a bit more know-how you would know that A2 tests all of the wheels in the cycling industry in the same fashion, same speed and same YAW. So when you look up other wheels from other factories you will find the same yaw and speeds and the result of the wind tunnel when tested by A2. Furthermore, how true is wind tunnel testing? What does it proof? That you have a rim that is aero without a bicycle and without a rider. Once you have both of them together in the real world it all changes again. However, we take your complain and will look into adding some other rims to our website so you can see it on the same page.

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