The Bura SL comes in at 740g for a size large frame

Tyler posted the details on Neilpryde’s new Bura SL road bike back in June, but seeing as it was one of the few road bikes that pulled me from the aisles, how about some more photos from what must have been the darkest booth in the show?

Plenty of cool details: no open molds here. BMW DesignWorks was again engaged to develop the frame with NeilPryde's composites experts
Di2 frames have dedicated routing- but both include this slick rattle-free brake cable stop.
Stealthy with just a bit of color at the hubs thanks to Chris King.


  1. These guys are slowly becoming a player. Doing it right. Slowly, on their own, building on the #1 position they have duly earned in windsurfing as a innovator in carbon.

    Now, if they would just build the bike with hoods, and bars in a position that real riders use, rolled UP!

    I would seriously consider buying one of these; they may becoming the Canyon of the U.S.

  2. @Whatever… completely agree with everything you said except the part about becoming the Canyon of the U.S. NeilPryde no longer does direct online sales as they did in their first year. To get one you have to go to a bike shop (brick and mortar or online shop).

  3. The Bura was easily in my top 3 bikes of the show. They certainly have some marketing hurdles getting the name out to the cycling public… but the product stands up to anything out there.

  4. Where did the integrated seat post colar go? That was a nice detail, but probably to comprehensive to produce.
    Regarding Canyon they are much less expensive than NP here in Europe, but it’s probably the other way around in the US.

  5. @Whatever said “Now, if they would just build the bike with hoods, and bars in a position that real riders use, rolled UP!”

    You never change the fit of the bikes you buy? You want them to fit bikes for you at the factory? I don’t quite get this complaint. Hoods and bars are completely the preference and fit of the rider buying the machine. It’s a ridiculous thing to say.

  6. “BMW Designworks was not involved in this particular bike…Neilpryde did it all in-house.”

    and dint they do an amazing job !!! [ giggles] lots of giggles.

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