At Eurobike, Wahoo Fitness unveiled their new iPhone powered indoor trainer, which shows your power, speed and other data on their app (and others) all via Bluetooth Smart 4.0.

Now, they’ve added their new RFLKT cycling computer to the mix. Rather than act as a standalone piece, it reflects (get it) what’s being recorded by their cycling app on your iPhone. It also lets you control the app and your music in iTunes through the computer, letting you keep your really expensive smartphone tucked safely away in your pocket or pack. And, because you don’t need to keep the phone’s screen running, it’ll preserve its battery, too.

Pics and more below…

2013 Wahoo Fitness RFLKT cycling computer controls their iPhone cycling app and plays music

It syncs with low power Bluetooth 4.0, and your phone remains in standby mode so your phone’s battery will last longer than if you were using your phone on a mount and using it as the computer. Not only does it create minimal extra battery drain on your phone, but its internal (and user replaceable) coin battery should last about two years.

Four small buttons (two on each side) are programmable from within the app to do what you want – scroll through pages, start/stop things, play/pause or skip tracks on your music, etc.

2013 Wahoo Fitness RFLKT cycling computer controls their iPhone cycling app and plays music

This one’s set up to play/pause with one of the buttons and skip a track with another. You can also set it to provide an audio summary of your training, show lap times or whatever. Multiple screens can be set up to display the info you want to see. Note the track and artist name scrolling across the top of the RFLKT’s screen, matching what’s playing on the phone. The unit itself doesn’t play the music, you’ll need to have headphones or something linked to the phone.

2013 Wahoo Fitness RFLKT cycling computer controls their iPhone cycling app and plays music

Side by side, you’ll notice a one- or two-second lag in timing on the RFLKT’s display, but the app is recording everything accurately for your Strava comparing enjoyment.

The RFLKT will also sync up and control the Cyclemeter app on your iPhone 4S or newer. Other apps should be updated to work with it soon, too. They’re working on Android compatibility, it just take slinger because there are so many other brands and protocols.

Pricing will be $100-120, not final yet. Should be available in January.


  1. Now we’re talking… This is a big step towards replacing my Garmin finally. It would be awesome if they would add a barometer to the computer to transmit that data back to the iphone also. I always carry my iPhone with Life Proof case in my jersey pocket for emergencies anyway. Biggest reasons to not use it as a computer are all solved here: ugly and huge, damage potential, sweat, battery life.

  2. I do not understand spending 100 or more dollars and not getting a dedicated device. You are still running down the battery life of your phone, the thing you will need when you are 25 miles away from home and something important breaks or someone gets injured. Not to mention the shortcomings of the iphone GPS.

  3. Sancho – I agree that phone battery is going to be the limiting factor in any system like this, but allowing the screen to remain off will extend the battery immensely. Also, bluetooth 4.0 requires much less power than old versions.

    As far as GPS goes, if you’re using sensors for all your measurement (like you should) then GPS doesn’t have to be all that accurate anyway. Not even a Garmin GPS is remotely accurate on tight twisty single track. The only real purpose for GPS is to get a rough map of where you rode and to use for Strava… Any phone GPS is good enough for that and they’re getting better all the time.

    Then, for rides when you want music, adding the ability to control it from your handlebars wirelessly is pretty damn nice.

    I definitely think I’ll be checking this out when it becomes available… After some hands-on reviews!

  4. Another benefit that I meant to mention is that all the data is already on your phone to upload straight to Training Peaks, Garmin Connect or Strava. I can’t tell you how often I find myself wanting to upload data while I’m traveling and don’t have a computer. I do own an ANT+ adapter for my phone, but it takes forever to sync and is a hassle to always keep it handy so I usually end up leaving it at home.

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