The mid-level (but devilishly handsome) R3

When Fi’zi:k’s shoe range was released a couple of years back, there was a lot of excitement around the Italian-made line.  Freakishly light and featuring carbon fiber buckles and sailcloth straps, they were awfully sexy.  Unfortunately, the fit worked well for only a handful of lucky riders- sending the company back to the drawing board.  Incorporating what they’ve learned since their first efforts, the 2013 line presents a less-constrictive, less arch-y sole and better ventilation while bringing mountain and Tri models into the fold.

The $300 R3 shown above features kangaroo leather, lightweight (and cool looking) sailcloth straps, and removable tongue padding.  For another $100, the R1 adds aftermarket-quality SIDAS insoles and a carbon fiber buckle.  The $200 R5 swaps in a nylon sole and Microtex upper.  Follow us past the break for more photos as well as mountain and Tri shoes…

The wider, flatter sole is comfortable for a broader range of riders. Womens' models hit the mark the first time so will go largely unchanged.
The $375 M1 borrows heavily from the R1, adding anti-scuff heel and toe leather and...
...replaceable tread at the heel and cleat.
Amphibians get the K1, which give the the R1 and easy-on, quick-dry upper.


  1. Aw man, they made them wider? Are there really a lot of cyclists with fat Fred Flintstone feet pounding the table? Take a clue from Sidi and keep the last narrow.

  2. Can’t believe that they changed their last to accommodate the “large” demand… (pun intended)

    They should have just created a wide version but don’t get rid of the original last… You can’t please everyone…

  3. In our neck of the woods we sell far far more Mega shoes from Sidi than we sell in the regular width. The same goes fro Giro in their HV ( high Volume) version.

  4. If the original last was too narrow, then making it wider doesn’t make it “wide” — it makes it normal. In the US the most popular brand of cycling shoe by a large margin is Specialized…because their last fits the most feet.

  5. Agreed, we do a lot of Louis Garneau due to their shoes being spec’d wider than Giro or Fizik right off the bat without having to custom order wider sizes. Good on Fizik.

  6. The thing that is the same that made me switch shoes is the top strap. The metal ring digs into your inner ankle making for a very uncomfortable ride. I noticed this on pedal stroke one. Most other shoes have their top strap attached to the shoe and not through a metal ring. I was hoping they would’ve changed this for this year. Oh well.

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