Cerevellum Hindsight cycling computer with rear view camera and solid state video recording

The Cerevellum Hindsight cycling computer with built in rearview camera is in production and now has nine functions and built in ANT+ to read HR and cadence sensors.

The last we heard, the recording loop would be 40 minutes, but founder Evan Solida decided to dial it back to just five minutes to minimize the amount of memory required…and keep the cost down.


Resolution is 640×480 at 12fps. Not hi-def, but enough to capture proof of an accident. It’ll record and save five minutes of footage leading up to an accident, all stored on a 128MB piece of solid state memory. An impact tells it to stop recording and save the footage, but you can also manually stop the recording if someone buzzes you too closely or pulls some other jack move.

To download the footage, just plug it into your computer and it’ll recognize it as an external drive and show the video as an AVI file. That file will only have the last five minutes of your ride, though, unless you stopped it or crashed.

The operating system will be upgradable, with new versions downloaded from the website. Battery life is five hours. Future plans include a GPS version that’ll have a scrolling map much like Google Maps, and it’ll likely be available as an add-on to the existing model first, and while we’re not allowed to give away too much, it’s nifty way of doing it that won’t affect battery life on the main unit. Then a future model with GPS and power meter readouts built in will follow, likely at Interbike next year.

Cerevellum Hindsight cycling computer with rear view camera and solid state video recording

Tail light rotates through off, blink and steady. Retail is $299 and it’ll be available in November.


  1. The continued desire to capture an accident is the downfall of this product. This is for a accident avoidance, nothing more. Stop making it sillier. Make a simple and clean device and some of us roadies might buy it.

    As it sits today, this thing is priced, and looks like an iPhone-mounted Fred Swiss Army knife. Brake light, ANT, blah, blah. I just want to look down and see behind. I’ve been riding so long, I can do everything else myself. This just saves a head turn. And that’s I want that, nothing more. Stop bundling everything else into it!

  2. Oh great. Another reason for the guy in front of you to not be doing what he is supposed to be doing; watching the wheel in front of him.
    Does it really need to have a display if for accident purposes? Just a microsd card in the light and done, no?

  3. so is this legal in a road race? then i can see when the guy sucking my wheel is about to make a move. wouldnt do it, just wondering what usac thinks of it.

  4. Anon and taylor, I have thought both things.
    At the very least it would give me more of an advantage than some damn 20 gram lighter carbon model of something. Almost definitely would never buy this product, but I can see the advantage.

  5. I really really want one of these. Main need is to eliminate my helmet mirror. But, I want the GPS built in unit which I had hoped would be ready for next season. Darn, might have to stick with my helmet mirror. :o(

  6. Thanks for all of the comments, always helpful and appreciated. I’d like to chime in on a few things that have been brought up.
    Anonymous – while we can’t advertise the Hindsight being used as a forward-facing camera for TT because of liability reasons, it can be done. There is a setting where the video display can be flipped horizontally.
    Rustydog – I like your idea of just having the camera recording. Simple, but a big part of the Hindsight is to help avoid accidents in the first place. By easily seeing what is approaching from behind (how close, how big, and how fast,) we hope that the rider will be given an extra split-second to avoid any misshaps.
    Taylor – working on the legality. The UCI hasn’t been especially helpful but if you read their ruling regarding cameras in races, as long as it is not broadcasting or recording (you can manually turn off the video recording), it should be OK
    H2OFun – GPS proved to be too expensive to develop in the first version of the Hindsight, would have taken too long and also would have pushed the retail price to a point where it’s not affordable to more riders. We want all riders to be safer. The GPS model will be coming very soon as it’s been shown time and time again that it is a demanded feature.

  7. Being a safety freak and constantly warning my group about approaching cars, I can improve my own style of riding by not looking in the bar end mirror.

    Due to many products I test my handlebar looks like the console in the spaceship anyway…

    Knowing about GPS (and power?) coming soon makes me smile from ear to ear.

    We may have a new hit.

  8. I wanted to purchase one of these but the Cerevellum web site has been indicating it’s back ordered for six to eight weeks, and this notice has been on the site for ten weeks! When will the next version be out, might as well wait for that now.

  9. I commute through a lot of traffic and would love to have one of these for all those people that like to see how close they can get to me, even though there is a 3ft passing law. I like to know what is coming up behind me and how close they are going to be. I use a mirror and wouldn’t ride without it, but a camera to record anything that goes wrong would be great.

  10. Evan,
    It’s great to know the Hindsight can have recording manually stopped and just used for monitoring. Approx how much more battery life would that increase for Hindsight’s usage if recording is disabled after a full charge? Also, can Hindsight accept an external battey source while still operating? Looking forward to purchasing one of these gems. There’s nothing more nerve racking than having to turn your head while doing 30mph as you’re trying to avoid pot holes, cars, pedestrians, and what have you.

  11. Total chinese garbage.
    Don’t even bother. Both my units went dead shortly after the 1 year warranty period.
    They will not even try fixing them, at my expense.
    Trying to get in touch with them was a royal pain.

  12. Evan,
    I taking a marketing class and had to come up with a new idea. I went riding 45 mile, a long the way I hate looking back for cars or wear the glass mirror inserts. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have system to alert me in the rear of a vehicle with a picture that comes up and if I want to see behind me just touch the screen but still have the capability like Garmin. I thought sensor in the rear that buzzes and flash the picture on screen. Just like the rear camera on my F150 when backing and sensor that if am about to hit something. The product could also start a video and stop a few seconds as the vehicle passes. It would also be nice to select a button look back for vehicle or other cyclist if you didn’t want the camera on all the time: ie which screens. I thought I share my ideas since you already have rear view coming into the market and me just a student with ideas. Best of luck!

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