2013 Tern Xtracycle Cargo Joe folding cargo bicycle

Tern’s 26″ folding bike will work with the Xtracycle cargo extension. Why? If you commute and shop on your bike, or haul kids to school, this gives you the extra space. The folding part comes in handy because it let’s it fit on most city bus front racks when folded down. Or in the back of a friend’s car in a pinch. It’ll be sold through both Xtracycle and Tern dealers. It’s called the Cargo Joe and will retail for $999 as shown here.

Plenty more cool folders and some accessories past the, uh, fold…

2013 Tern Xtracycle Cargo Joe folding cargo bicycle

Not as compact with the cargo extension on board, but does give it about the same footprint of a normal bike. And you can always remove the Xtracycle parts and just put your regular rear wheel on.

2013 Tern Eclipse X20 folding 20 inch bicycle

The Eclipse is a new 24″ wheeled performance folding bike. It uses Syntace’s VRO stem and a new 3D forged steerer instead of the welded one on the Verge.

2013 Tern Eclipse X20 folding 20 inch bicycle

It has Rolf wheels and a SRAM Force drivetrain on the X20. They call it the Pirate Ninja Because “it’s so bad ass like a pirate and a ninja” and has a two tone matte and gloss black scheme. Retail is $2,200.

2013 Tern Swoop low step through folding bicycle

New Swoop is a super low step through bike with 20″ wheels and a super low center of gravity. It’s aimed at women who wear dresses, the elderly and hipsters whose jeans are to tight. Their words, seriously.

It’s available with SRAM’s Automatix 2-speed hub or Shimano’s Nexus 7 internally geared hub. The white one in the background shows it folded up. It’s not too heavy, but still not sure the elderly (or hipsters) would be able to carry it up any stairs.

The scuff guard keeps a dress or clothes from going in the drivetrain and doubles as a handle. The rear rack is paint matched and included and easily bolts on and off. Prices are $950 and $1,000. Weights are about 30lbs.

2013 Tern Castro D8 speed folding bicycle

Castro gets a new D8 version that’s a derailleur equipped model with 8 speeds. It uses their Sunrace-made Neos low profile derailleur that doesn’t stick out at all so it won’t get banged up during portage or storage.

2013 BioLogic dynamo bicycle hubs with low friction

Sister brand BioLogic’s Joule 3 (right) dynamo hub is said to be the lightest, most efficient dynamo in its category. They offer it in their 20″ wheelset and as a standalone standard 100mm hub for building up a normal wheel. It has 75% efficiency with 6V/3watt output.

The new Joule HG (left) gives you an on/off dial that lets you turn off the dynamo and eliminate any drag in the system.

2013 Tern folding bicycle multitool

Lastly, Tern’s new multitool has everything on it you need to adjust or fix anything on their folding bikes. The 15mm wrench shown takes care of pedals and their rear axles and shows how it gives you better leverage when opened up. The case doubles as a handle sleeve by flipping out the allen keys and sliding it over them. Check the nested mini-allens inside the larger ones. Very nice. A patch kit is also included and slides into a separate sleeve on the cover.


  1. Tern Swoop: knock-off of Dahon Ciao, new in 2005.
    Tern Eclipse: knock-off of Dahon Ios; I saw one @ my LBS fours years ago.
    Tern Castro: knock-off of the existing Dahon Glide.

    Slow Interbike this year?

  2. @Soji – Tern was formed by Josh Hon (DaHon) and some other former Dahon employees. I remember reading that they are using some of the patented and copyrighted designs as Dahon. There’s the overlap.

    As for Interbike’s decline or meh news, it’s been declining for a while. Look at the number of companies who skip the show and make a presence at the Taipei show or Eurobike.

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