2013 Swobo Collection Divine Track Frame

Started in 1992 in San Francisco, Swobo is back (finally) after a transition in ownership. It’s now based in Fort Collins, CO. On top of the ownership change, there’s also a fresh change in lineup. Same as before, they’re selling the classic Sanchez track frameset, but there’s a new model – the Divine – and it’s made in the USA.

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2013 Swobo Divine Drive Side

The Divine gets a track geometry with a heavily modified rear triangle and fork so you can run beefy 45c tires for serious street carnage. The color is “brass monkey” and it has that cool oily look at the welds.

Swobo Divine Rear Triangle Bottle Opener Fat Tire
Check the left dropout on the rear – there’s a bottle opener.
Swobo Divine Red WIth Drops
They’re making the Divine in other colors, too, like red. Frames will be constructed in Portland by Zen Bicycle Fab. MSRP for the frame is $899.

Swobo Fillmore Novak Commute Fenders Racks

There’s four commuter models in all, two with 700c and two with beefy 26″ rims. The 700c bikes shown above come with internal gearing and fenders and are. The Fillmore on the left is upgraded to an 8 speed Shimano Alfine hub and mechanical disc brakes. It gets aluminum fenders, 700c Alex DA22 rims, and a chromoly frame. Pricing is $1049. On the right is the Novak. It gets all the same specs as the Fillmore but has a Shimano Nexus three speed hub instead. MSRP drops to $789. Both bikes weigh in at about 25lbs.

Swobo Dixon Otis Compatible Nexus Rear Hubs

The Dixon and Otis, front to back, are beefy aluminum models that have 26″ wheels with disc brakes and are spaced for internally geared rear hubs. The Dixon gets a Shimano Alfine 8 speed and Otis gets the Shimano Nexus 3 speed. Pricing is $1069, $859 respectively. Weight for both is about 26lbs.

Swobo Folsom Fixed Freestyle Frame Swobo Sanchez Track Frame

And as always, the aluminum trick Folsom frame, and the brightly colored steel Sanchez. Retail is $299. The Sanchez is the only bike available for purchase at this point. Check it out here.


  1. Didn’t Santa Cruz Bikes purchase this brand? Are they still the owners? And does that lne bad ass chicka who uses to design all their bikes still involved?

  2. @ Trollsta – based on your name I assume you know the answers to your own questions. However, for others – Santa Cruz Bikes sold the brand to two brothers who are now running it out of Fort Colins, CO. Sky Yeager is no longer designing their bikes. She is now working with Shinola.

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