Big Wheel Rally High Roller adult sized grown up trike

Adult Big Wheel? Yes, please. Then we can show those kids a thing or two.

First, a little background. I’ve known Matt Armbruster (pictured) for about 10 years or so. He made some extended Razor trikes for us for the BURN 24 Hour, which we raced downhill and smiled about for days straight. He runs Big Wheel Rally and organized kid and adult trike rides in Colorado that benefit the St. Joe’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He’s awesome. And he’s been working on this monster of a “big wheel” for years. Now, finally, it’s in production and just about already sold out of the first production run.

The official name for this three-wheeled masterpiece is the High Roller Mark 1 adult sized big wheel trike.

Big Wheel Rally High Roller adult sized grown up trike

Eschewing blow molded plastic, the High Roller is made of hi-tensile steel. Like the ones we grew up with, it has adjustable seat length, this time to fit riders from 5’2″ to 6’6″.

Big Wheel Rally High Roller adult sized grown up trike

It rolls on a 26″ front wheel with a custom freewheel hub and 14″ rear wheels. Rears are plastic, just like the good old days, so you can power slide to your heart’s content.

Bell and tassels are standard equipment. Retail $599 and they’re taking preorders now for delivery in October. Armbruster says they’re on track to be sold out before they even arrive. Want!

Got an original Big Wheel lying around the house? Check out his mod instructions to get it up to speed for hard use.


  1. I’m saving up for one and an extra set of rear wheels. Til then I’ll be dreaming of drifting down some of the mountain roads…

  2. Seriously… Why doesn’t someone invent an integrated braking/shifting/pedal system into a front tire and create a viable recumbent with this design instead of just a toy?

  3. For those who have seen the similar concept trike at Specialized HQ, grab your popcorn for the impending legal battle.

    That’s not a joke.

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