2013 Sidi Wire road bike shoes

Sidi’s new Wire road shoe drops 60g from the Ergo3 and is their new top of the line. It replaces the Ergo for the US market.

It uses a Techno3 buckle system, the latest rendition of their micro adjust closure and has two dials to get the fit right.

The “wire” is actually quite flexible and is made of a proprietary material.


The soles are available in their regular carbon and Speedplay design. The regular one has a closeable vent on the toe to let more air in.



Claimed weight is 315g for a 44. Retail is $499.99, available in men’s and women’s.


The mountain bike version is called the Draco, which replaces the Dragon for the US.

It gets the first full carbon sole for MTB from Sidi and features a replaceable cleat plate that does away with the brass plate from the Dragon. It’s a hard polycarbonate, and rather than require a brass protection plate or have the pedal dig into the carbon sole, you just replace it as it wears. The design is 100g lighter per pair than the Dragon, coming in at a claimed.


They also get Sidi’s removable/replaceable tread blocks. Retail is $450, and both this and the Wire are available Nov. 1.


New T3 triathlon shoe gets a “blown” material on the inside of the upper that’s super soft. Upper is perforated everywhere with an open tongue and reasonably sized heel loop.

The 11 sole has a carbon composite outer section with 3k weave center insert. They say this provides good torsional stiffness in the middle without giving ulterior overriding design principal of letting your foot remain flexible, particularly to keep it ready for the run.


New colors, too. Retail is $250, also Nov. 1.

All weights are size 44 men’s.


  1. These are more like the shoes from 10-15 years ago. The three different retention methods on previous editions made no sense to me. These are cool and worth considering.

  2. Agreed with RED: I’d like to see more road shoes with durable toe guards so those of us with a lot of toe overlap don’t totally screw up the shoe tips whenever the wheel is turned too far.

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