Calfee Campy EPS Stem Battery Mount 2

This year, Calfee had no offical booth.  However, a couple of gems produced by the California company were on display in the hall.  Most noteably, was this very interesting Campagnolo Super Record EPS equipped bike with a very different looking stem.  After further inspeciton, it would seem this massive bar stem combo is housing the EPS battery (heavily modified).

Hit the jump for more images, plus Calfee’s take on a Garmin mount, oh, and a pretty nice disc brake cross racer.

Calfee Campy EPS Stem Battery Mount 1

Calfee Garmin Mount 1

Calfee Garmin Mount 2

Calfee Garmin Mount 3

Calfee Disc Cross Bike

Calfee Disch Rear Non Drive Dropout


  1. Holly Cats! On most frames battery placement may not be exactly svelte but jeebs that oversized malformed wart of a battery holder is way, way fugly.

  2. So the battery is “hidden” in the most bulbous and ugly stem/bar combo ever? I guess different strokes for different folks, but I think the campy battery looks better than that godawful creation…

  3. Who came up with the design for the Garmin mount? West Coast customs? Is the hole underneath the computer an air-intake for a supercharger? 🙂

  4. Hides battery in stem thats 5x the side of a normal stem. Pretty slick…AMIRITE???”
    And wtf is up with that gaping hole under the garmin mount?

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