• Out of the National Women’s Bike Summit held on September 13th, comes the Women Bike campaign. The goal is to increase the rate at which women cycle for fitness, recreation, and transportation to the rates at which men cycle.
  • The League of American Bicyclists has added Diamond status to it’s Bicycle Friendly America program.
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but Fruit Punch flavored Sport Beans by Jelly Belly raise awareness and donate 5% of sales year-round. In it’s 6th year, they’ve donated almost $115,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Sport Beans have also added a new flavor, Pomegranate – and adds it to their new Extreme Assorted Mix with Cherry and Watermelon flavors.
  • The 1st Annual King’s Cross Cyclocross Race will be held on October 6th at Snow King Resort in Jackson, WY. Sponsors include Hammer Nutrition, Giro, Bell, Snakeriver Brewing, and more. The course is designed by 5-time National Champion Cary Smith. Registration is open now, and call-ups will be based on order of registration – so get on it!
  • Cyclology out of Australia has added two new t-shirts to their line – the Bucket List, and the Road Warrior.

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