Vredestein will be bringing their mountain bike tires into the US now that their distribution has moved to Magura USA. The collection will include four models in 650B, the Spotted Cat and three varieties of the Black Panther.

Weights for the XC-ish Spotted Cat are 535g-570g depending on casing and 580g-665g depending on model of the Black Panther – a regular (shown, with continuous center tread section), the more open BP Xtrac and the aggressive BP Xtreme.

They’ll also be bringing the 700x33c Black Panther cyclocross tire into the US, too. Weight is 380 grams.

On the road side, their best selling Fortrezza TriComp road tire will come in a wider 700x25c size, but only in black. Weight is 240 grams.


  1. The normal Black Panther is my favorite in dry to moderately damp conditions.
    Very easy tubeless tire also, any floor pump should do.

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