Photos don't do this shoe justice

Though they’ve been around for quite some time in the cycling and speed skating worlds, Simmons Racing made their Interbike debut this year and were showing some shoes that literally stopped me in my tracks.  The company’s full carbon shoes are custom fitted to the owner’s foot- and the size 12 pair they had on hand weighed under 150g.  More photos after the break…

Simmons had all manner of funky-shaped shoes on hand- all made for funky-shaped feet.  Here is a sample of what they work with…

Jaw-dropping. Your foot in deep, glossy unidirectional carbon

Want light weight super stiffness, and the ability to push with the entire foot?  We think that that sounds awfully good- and there seems to be a market willing to pay the $1,800 to make it happen.


  1. what a great investment, especially for mtb shoes in the southwest for rides with lots of hike a biking! all kidding aside i am sure these shoes will help gain time for those on the competitive cuircut w/o the right doctor(no pun to lm)

  2. ” there seems to be a market willing to pay the $1,800 to make it happen.”

    Yep, they’re called “posers”. Unless you’re a pro or have some sort of odd shaped foot this is just plain silly.

    That said, if you’re going to go custom on anything it almost makes more sense to go with custom shoes/insoles than a custom frame. I have some custom made dress shoes as well as a custom made suit. Both fit perfectly and have held up better than any factory bought clothes I’ve owned. They didn’t come cheap but then again they were less expensive than an off the shelf pair of Prada shoes or an off the rack Armani suit. The shoes also cost a hell of lot less than $1800. I know carbon is expensive but then again so is shoe leather.

  3. Posers? Really?
    Are people that buy a carbon wheelset to upgrade their bikes posers? Same concept.

    Though carbon isn’t cheap, most of the cost is due to being very labor intensive to build.

  4. This is one of those concept things thats done because it can be right? Like prototype cars at the autoshow.
    With all the high end shoes out there who is really going to use these??

  5. Not just concept. The design has been used successfully for inline boots for some time. I have a set of those. Complete power transfer. I don’t have the bike shoes myself. A few of my friends do and absolutely love them.

  6. not a just concept. I own a pair, they are great! Simmons customs inline and Ice skates have had many many gold medals won on them around the world. My cycling shoes are worth every penny, the feel is incredible, very stiff. all other shoes that look like this do not have carbon on top like these. It makes a big difference, they are a lot more efficient. It is a true custom, My shoes fits like a sock, snug all around. I use them with speed play pedals, very low stack height. David Simmons can make it how ever you like, semi customs start at $850.00. Dave and Jennifer Simmons do amazing things with shoes, hand made in USA by them, and customer service is the best. check them out, they are great people.

  7. I own a pair. My 5 second, 15 second, 30 second, and 1 minute power were all up at least 6% the first time I put them on. I was on Mavics before. The power transfer is insane. You really can’t compare them to bonts, which just use the bath tub sole. The stiff upper makes a huge difference. If I had to choose between simmons shoes and Zipp Firecrests (or Lew, Lightweights, or any other wheel) I would take the shoes in a heartbeat.

  8. Rob,
    I’d argue that any real custom insole, made by a respectable pedorthist or podiatrist would give you the same 6% increase in power. These can be had for any where between $300-500 and you can probably get your medical insurance to cover part of the cost. W/ out having to spend a ridiculous $1800.

  9. All Simmons is trying to do is bring the very best to the market. This is one of the many things they can do. They started building inline skating boots because the boots the skaters in their club used were falling apart and breaking down. Dave knew the product could be better and 21 years later he is “simply the best” in that market. He’s been a fan of the cycling world for a long time and wants to see how he can make the best shoe for cyclists just like he has done for skaters.

  10. A pair of those CF sleds ought to get me noticed walking (falling) down the sidewalk. Unless you’re in the top 5% of racers (or got LOTS of disposable cash), some nice Sidi shoes will get you to the trailhead or Starbucks in comfort & style. And leave $1500+ mad money – woohoo!

  11. I’m a believer in custom shoes…..but not all these skate shoe companies trying to adapt their technology to cycling. Because it doesn’t make sense.

    I looked at them all, but in the end there still is only one person truly making custom CYCLING shoes and just cycling shoes. Mr Don Lamson who’s been doing it for 30+ years now. I visited him in Eagle, CO and was thoroughly impressed. His shoes start at $900 and max around $1200 unless you need something weird. Still not cheap, but they are a hell of a lot nicer looking and have 30 years of experience fitting Pro riders to the ONE person working on the Project 96 bike from the shoe/pedal side (His pedal/shoe saves as much in a TT as a disc…no joke).

    So, look him up. If you are going to spend that much on shoes….get it done right by the only guy who actually knows cycling shoes. Don Lamson.

  12. I don’t think it’s appropriate to regard what Sevo says as fact, everything claimed is only opinion. The truth is you’ve got somebody here making a top of the line product because they’ve got the experience and skill set to do so. There is a reason that Simmons has globally been acknowledged by the phrase “Simply Simmons, Simply The Best.” Experience, and that’s exactly what Simmons has. The product is likely only going to improve and is a clear competitor in the market. If you don’t have a pair yourself you can’t accurately make those statements anyway. Thread jacking, how rude!

  13. I saw these at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show in Denver last weekend. Yes, $1800 can seem like a stupid amount to spend on shoes. But these shoes are NICE!!!! VERY well made! I have experience molding carbon (sailplane wings and various bike parts) and was VERY impressed with the quality of the shoes they had on display. It’s interesting that people get all bent out of shape about spending $1800 for a pair of shoes, but will happily spend $2800 for a pair of Zipps for club rides and then never enter a race with them. Hmmm… From what I’ve gathered, the performance gains from custom shoes can equal or better the gains from spendy wheels, and for those with hard to fit feet or problem feet, it sounds like a fantastic option. And here’s the thing – if you don’t want to spend that much on shoes, don’t buy them – no one is forcing anyone to purchase them, just as not everyone is being forced to buy deep carbon rims just to cruise over to the coffeehouse, which we see all too often in Boulder. As for me, I’m saving my pennies to have a pair made!!

  14. Perhaps if any of you had 4E wide feet you wouldn’t scoff so flippantly. All off the shelf shoe manufacturers have abandoned those of us with Barney Rubble feet. If I’m going to spend $1000 on a pair of custom shoes what’s another $800. After all it’s not all about being the fastest guy out there it’s being out there without having such an unbearable amount of pain in your feet afterwards that you can’t imagine riding ever again. If you love cycling what cost of riding is too much?

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