Mission Workshop Toree Hoodie Unzipped

Over at Interbike, while chillaxing with Mission Workshop and checking the sights, Mission Workshop pulled from one of their sweet Arkiv System bags two garments they’d been trucking around and have yet to announce. Judging by the pictures, I got a bit shaky-handed when they showed me because, well, the new gear looks pretty darn nice and I’m a geek when it comes to winter wear. They titled the shell jacket “the Trigger” and the zip merino wool hoodie “the Torre”.

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Mission Workshop Torre Merino Hoodie Full

The Torre is Mission Workshop’s take on the classic form fitting wool hoodie. Made with a merino wool designed specifically for Mission Workshop, they promise in addition to being soft, it’s also super durable for daily use unlike many merino pieces. On the rear there’s a stow pocket that MW carried over from the Faroe. A front media pocket on the left holds all the electronic goods.

Mission Workshop Torre Merino Hoodie Pocket

Colors will be black and dark gray. It’ll MSRP at $235 and expected shipping is quoted early early November. Made in San Francisco.

Mission Workshop Trigger Urban RIding Jacket

The Trigger’s a jacket based on MW’s Orion waterproof jacket, except more cycling specific, with a cut slightly longer on the rear with JRC reflective glass bead accents around the bottom hem and sleeves.  It’s not sealed waterproof like the Orion, but it’ll stop the rain just fine. Fabric is a windproof, water resistant Schoeller WP-400 bonded softshell fabric with a 4-way stretch.

Mission Workshop Trigger Cycling Jacket RearIt gets two inconspicuous chest pockets with a media port that fits iPhones and wallets. A large cargo pocket is on the rear. It unzips from the left and has a decent capacity. Pricing is $285. Colors will be black and a limited edition light blue. Expect to see them mid-October. Made in Vancouver.


  1. @RC – certainly tens of thousands of years after modern humans began to utter silly comments with little understanding of economics. Only kidding, but these garments are likely very nicely made and very long lasting. I’ve had an Orion shell for 2 years, worn it frequently, and it still fits and functions like new… looks new too. If these guys had their stuff made in Asia or South America or some other inexpensive labor market, the clothes would be significantly less expensive. But, they choose to produce their products in the USA and Canada.

    Also note, that with well-made durable garments that are more than fashion pieces, it’s worth saving up for these things –and I’ve noted quite a few non-yuppie types wearing MW clothes. My father didn’t have much money when he was young, but he chose to save bup and buy better quality hunting clothes and gear that would last.

    Brooklyn, NY

    Of course, most people did that decades ago because the cheap stuff wasn’t around (at least not so much of it). Yuppies can buy 37 high-end garments to suit their various looks… folks with less cash flow (or credit as the case may be) can save up for a few nice garments, just enough to cover their real needs. Anyhow, I’m sure I sounds like paid endorser of MW, but I am just a web designer guy who stopped into their SF shop a few years ago for a messenger bag –the guys there were excellent, giving good advice on the products and giving me good directions for my ride and for things to see in SF –and the bag was, and is, excellent. Needless to say, I am a big fan of MW.

  2. I interned with MW over the summer, and this hoodie is AWESOME. As a side note, they are developing a women’s hoodie of the same material that fits like a dream and will go with anything. And yes, they have their garments made in the USA, so they are made with love by hard working people that make a decent wage, not by factory workers in a third world country that can barely feed their families. They are a really wonderful investment piece that any cyclist and outdoors fan will wear everyday:)

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