In partnership with World Bicycle Relief, socially aware outdoor company (and makers of my favorite metal drinking bottles) MiiR have expanded into bicycles.  Not only are the company’s new town/urban bikes attractive, each one sold will result in a second being given to a person in need.  The High 5 Classic and High 5 Mixte (shown) will sell for $900, the Wave single speed/fixed gear for $700.

In addition to bringing sustainable transportation to the third world, MiiR are also introducing a slick drinking cap to their stainless bottles.  Go behind the curtain for the clever solution…

Even though MiiR’s current bottle is the easiest I’ve found to drink out of (it’s just the right size), the company wanted users to be able to drink without removing the bottle’s cap.  Here’s how they’ve done it:

This is a prototype- but we’re happy to say that the blue color will remain on final versions and that the bite valve looks to be easy to clean.  Look for it to go on sale shortly.


  1. Sean,

    I believe that you’re meant to drink out of it with the other ‘wing’ to the right or left of your face- otherwise, it would hit you in the nose 🙂 It’s amazing how some bottle companies fail to take the act of drinking into account when designing their product… MiiR seem to think so too.

  2. Nice looking bike though that front basket is pretty poorly supported. If you put a sack of groceries in it on a regular basis it would likely fail after a year or two.

  3. @sean, the final production run bite valve will have a ‘plus’ cut instead of just a one way cut.

    @alex, you’re invited to not purchase a MiiR bike and simply buy one for someone in need from WBR. Or you could buy a bike, drive less and help someone at the same time. And in the process you might even become less cynical with all that fresh air you’ll get biking somewhere.

    @chris, there’s a solid steel piece below the basket that supports groceries and 6-packs just fine.

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