Sweet New Stem from Twenty6 Products


Twenty6 Products has updated their stem, making it a bit lighter and easier to use. The old pinch design has given way to a new alternating bolt pattern that keeps the rear end round and knee friendly.

Weight dropped from 160g down to 118g, and he gave it a flip flop design that provides either 0mm or 6mm rise.

Length is 50mm, made for 1-1/8″ steerers only from CNC’d T-6061 alloy. Lifetime warranty, retail is $123 to $130. Available in 12 ano colors and powder coated white.


8 thoughts on “Sweet New Stem from Twenty6 Products

  1. awesome design! I like the alternating clamp bolts. that’s innovation when you thought there was nothing left to do with stems

  2. Design is nice, but the company’s name is soooooo 80’s. C’mon twenty6, everyone knows 29ers rule…back to the drawing board.

  3. I can see a banner of a Ritchey stem on this very same page which shows alternating bolts, just at different angles.
    Really, there’s nothing left to do with stems. Just make them pretty and Twenty6 is succeeding at that. They make pretty stuff.

  4. T6 stuff is just plain sexy! When others just build parts for function, T6 integrates form into thier function. For me the products not only look absolutely mind blowing, but reflect my love for riding and my bike…alot like a runner with fly ass shoes, a guy’s business suit, or my buddies beat to hell mud truck with shiny new Weld Racing rims! Always nice stuff!

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