SRM power meter for 2013 Shimano dura-ace 9000 cranksets

New crank based power meters for the latest cranks from Shimano, FSA and SRAM.

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 crankset is available as a full system with the power meter equipped crankset, STM Power Control 7 computer and accessories for $3,895. Just the crankset and cadence magnet is $3,145. Available first quarter 2013.

SRAM Red crankset with the new Yaw chainrings: Full system is $3,545 and just the crankset is $2,795 for GXP or BB30. January 2013.

FSA BB386: Full system is $3,595 and just the crankset is $2,845. First quarter 2013.

Pics of the others below…

SRM power meter for New SRAM Red cranksets

SRM power meter for FSA BB386EVO cranksets


  1. I’m blown away by the idea fresh 7800 crankarms are still available. Did SRM take some insanely large order of them or something years ago?

  2. @ ventruck
    I agree, either shimano still makes them just for this, or they took a massive order of these things.
    Spindle and arms must have gotten better since 7800 dura ace.
    The SRAM one isn’t much better. It uses the carbon reenforced aluminum arms with the bolting set with the exposed five bolts.

  3. I think that they probably use the 7800 style crank arm because the newer ones couldnt be rounded off in the same manner and still look halfway decent. If it’s good enough for Team SKY…

  4. just curious…. the Astana riders, and now the SRM Sram versions both have the chainring bolts in standard formation on the powermetres…

    but aren’t those Sram Yaw chainrings designed to be positioned with a chainring bolt under the cranks arm (if you note this is the way the Quarq Red crankset is). Orienting them this way will throw the shift pins/ramps and power phases out of whack….

  5. “Orienting them this way will throw the shift pins/ramps and power phases out of whack….”

    Not really, as the are rotated 180 degrees it’s in the same place. The reason for fixing one chainring bolt behind the arm is for weight saving and stiffening the spider.

  6. Sram has started making standard bold pattern chainrings for use with their Yaw front derailleur. I can only assume that’s what SRM are using here.

  7. SRM uses the 7800 arms as the 7900 and 9000 arms cannot be machined from the backside in the same manner as the 7800 arms (to create the crank/spider interface). From previous conversations at Interbike and Eurobike, SRM has mentioned that Shimano continues to make the 7800 arms for them – though they never indicated the quantities. I imagine this is based on demand from the pro teams wanting to continue the use of SRM’s.

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