KHS 650B downhill mountain bike headed for production

KHS’ new (and unoriginally named) DH 650B downhill bike is planned for production with a late release in 2013 if the parts are available. At the latest, it’ll absolutely be in their 2014 catalog.

The holdup is parts. But, according to them, Fox is working on a 180mm 650B fork, and we’ve seen Intense Cycles make a Boxxer work on their test bike. With Schwalbe, Maxxis, Vee Rubber and Kenda working on beefy DH tires, it could be sooner rather than later.

Their designers say its easier to make a well functioning 650B bike than a 26″ bike. Indeed, while its not official, chances are you won’t see any new 26″ bikes from KHS by 2014.

KHS 650B downhill mountain bike headed for production

This bike’s getting a full 8″ of travel with a Manitou Dorado fork and 8.3″ in the rear.

KHS 650B downhill mountain bike headed for production

It borrows their Neutral Link concentric lower BB pivot location, not the Horst Link on their shorter travel bikes.

Overall, the entire bike was made longer. Not just because of the larger wheels, but because they wanted to really push the front wheel out in front of the rider. Front center is 2″ longer, which keeps the bike well in front on the steep stuff without affecting steering by making a slacker head angle. ETT on the large is 26″!

KHS 650B downhill mountain bike headed for production

Rear center is 0.5″ longer, which gave them a better leverage ratio and let them soften the spring rate. This makes it a bit more supple.

There will be three sizes, Small through Large.


  1. “KHS’ new (and unoriginally named) DH 650B”

    KHS DH650B… works for me. Simple and to the point rather than some stupid pointless name no one remembers.

  2. Is it just me or does that wheelbase look MASSIVE? Especially considering 650B wheels. ETT 26″ is nutso long, better call up Fabien Barel and get some of those zero length stems. This bike looks awesome though.

  3. I’m with vulgar bulgar up there. It looks like a great bike, but it has the most land-yacht looking wheelbase of any DH bike I’m familiar with. Mostly, I’m confused as to how they bumped the front center out 2(!!!) inches without altering head angle. I guess the huge TT length on the LRG answers that in part, but I’m curious to know more.

  4. Cool-looking bike. But why would it be easier to design a 650b bike versus a 26er. That comment in the article could stand some explanation.

  5. vulgar – yeah….just look at the distance from the BB to the rear axle – that is going to be one boat of a bike. i hope the rider of this frame doesnt ride switchbacks!

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