2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

The new Look 675 is their take on a performance endurance bike.

Seat and chainstays are flattened to soak up the chatter, but look stout enough to keep the bike laterally rigid. In fact, they say it’s about as stiff as their top of the line 695 race bike at the bottom bracket.

More photos, details and actual weight below…

2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

It has a PFBB86 and cables run out if the downtube just in front of it. There’s also battery mount and wire ports on the frame, so you can run either type of drivetrain.

2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

Up front, it has a completely integrated front end without giving up the ability to run a different stem if you really wanted to give up the aesthetic. On the side of the headtube are two small adjustment points that affect a spanner at the upper headset cup. This adjusts the headset, so the stem is freed from that duty. This means you don’t need spacers, and can use the various stems available to adjust cockpit height.

2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

The front of the A-stem uses spacers to set length and several options are available for a range of 80mm to 120mm with 0°, 5°, 10° and 15° rise in all lengths.

2013 Look 675 Endurance Road Bike photos and actual weight

Actual weight for a size large bike with Look pedals and a carbon water bottle cage is 17lb 5oz.


  1. I’v owned two Look bike over the past 5 years and up until now I thought their were all beautiful. Now, not so much, fugly comes to mind.

  2. I used to be a big Look bike fan. Heck, I think my 595 is one of the best looking bikes ever. Sometime after the 585, 595, and 586, Look went off the tracks. They’re now lost and need to rediscover their qi.

  3. I got very excited when I heard Look were doing a performance/endurance bike, as previously stated bikes like the 695 are gorgeous. But this is horrendous. If you check out the geometry on the Look page it’s not even very “endurance”, stack on an XL is only 58cm with a 39.7cm reach.

  4. I think that it looks great. Finally a bike company has built a bike that does not look like everything else.
    Full marks to LOOK. This is the shot in the arm that the UCI needs to stop trying to make all bikes and cycling clothing exactly the same, we need some individuality is cycling.

  5. As a 695 owner I am biased but I think this bike is not that great looking..as with any LOOK the integrated stem is an engineering and usually aethetic masterpiece…I just dont like the way the top tube blends with the stem. living with the a stem is just so much easier though than any other option out there…length…angle..all adjustable without spacers and no visible bolts…bike would be much lighter with proper wheels and a SR EPS groupset…my 695 comes in at 6.3 kg with lightweights

  6. Not good Guys….was about to purchase a new ‘LOOK’…but not now…sorry, the comments above say it all! Yes, I beleive in individuality also…but this is simply stupidity at the highest level….you will change it back once the sales drop dramatically. Thanks

  7. I haven’t seen a 2013 675 in person,(so I reserve the right to change my opinion), but based on the photos,
    I like the concept and the appearance . I doubt the designers will backtrack , I think this may very well be a
    glimps into the future of integrated design 🙂
    Enjoy the Ride

  8. Have seen this bike at LBS. I disagree with most above. Great looking bike in person! Paint quality is excellent. Good thing the bike bike was to big for me or I would have gotten in big trouble!

  9. Loved it soon as i saw it. I was a Pinarello man through & through. saw this daring design & needed to takr LOOK at it. Once seen in the flesh it was a no brainer, I just had to have one.
    Took a test ride & loved it.
    Took delivery last week with set of Reynolds Assault & Std chainset.
    I just marvel at the design & expect others to either follow or remain with their yesterday designs.
    Well Done Look it is a Stunning bike to Ride, Clean & admire

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