Rapha’s Hardshell (dark blue, held) is a new rain jacket and is their first totally waterproof outer layer. All seams are taped and the zipper is rubberized. Rear pockets have a fourth outer waterproof zip pocket. Subtle color matched reflective strips are on the arms and around the body. Available in maroon, navy blue and chartreuse (yellow). The latter, along with the day glow vests shown here, are examples of their increased high visibility offerings.

The Transfer Jacket (black) is a light puffy piece for pulling on after the ride. It has a stretch side panel with Primaloft fill throughout. The tail is slightly longer, so it’ll work as a commuter piece, too. It also folds itself into the back pocket, making a perfect après ride pillow. Other color is a Cadet Blue.

Overall, they’re getting into more color. The Lombardia jersey (right) is inspired by the Giro d’Lombardi in the fall, hence the colors. It’s made of a sport wool blend merino with button closures on the wrist and left shoulder.

The Women’s Long Sleeve jersey (left) is 100% merino wool and as much or more a fashion piece as a casual commuter piece.

Country Jerseys get a long sleeve edition, and more colors are popping up throughout the line. Many of the pieces are made to work technically well while looking like lifestyle and fashion pieces. Many include safety features to help you be more visible, too. As they put it, if you want to be seen, you probably want to look good to.

Not shown, the women’s cyclocross kit gets a slight makeover, too.


  1. I received a jersey as a gift. Great quality and it fits great. I can wear it 4 to 5 rides before I wash it. I only wash it to be sanitary and not because it smells. Best jersey I’ve ever owned.

  2. I am a total Rapha Fanboy…not a dentist or any kind of high roller every penny has to be earnt the hardway… the quality is the best I have known the cut is great and the style is subtle most cycling kit is a bit “Euro Disco” in colour and design…ok…cost is high but Assos is even more expensive and in my opinion just looks like your trying to hard more Lycra Strava Hero than passionate cyclist …but for some reason Assos dose not attract the same kind of negative haters going to hate attitude…each to they own

  3. I have their stuff…No i’m not the 1%’ers. Their stuff last 3-4 x’s longer than other gear; I have their arm and leg warmers for 4 seasons in Denver. Still feels brand new. Other company arm/leg warmers typically last a season b/f they stretch out…..Their Pro line stuff is awesome.

  4. For most of Rapha’s items you get what you pay for; top quality materials and superior fit and design. IMO there are 2 pieces you should start with (gateway items to a closet full of their gear); the classic bibs and the sleeveless merino base layer, no other apparel company can come close to challenging the comfort and fit of those two items.

  5. Proud to say my missus washes my gear after every ride… well some of the time
    Actually she’d be horrified if I wore the same clothing with out washing .. especially the knicks.

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