Polaris Vector E Bike Dirt

Polaris is introducing a few e-bikes this year. They’ve been a brand in the power-sports industry and have designed many kinds of vehicles, like snowmobiles and ATVs, and this is their first venture into bicycles.

Five e-bikes are set to be released, maybe more, all priced $2,500. Each bike rocks an on-board computer that displays speed, trip distance, battery range, and carbon footprint. Cyclists are also given the option to choose between gunning the throttle or switching to pedal assist from the on-board computer. Production models will all feature 450 watt motors and the builds range from dirt, to commuter, to city riding. All of them get 15-30 miles per charge, hit a max speed of 18mph, and weigh in at roughly 53lbs. Shown above is the Vector, built to handle rough terrain with 26″ wheels. The drive train is an SRAM X7 8 speed and for stopping power, it’s equipped with mechanical Tektro IO disc brakes.

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Polaris Strive Commuter E-Bike Polaris Strive ST Commuter E Bike

The Polaris Strive and Strive Step-Thru have many of the same features as the Vector, like a SRAM drive train, 26″ wheels, and Suntour XCT shocks with 80mm of travel. They get a redesigned aluminum body though, better fit for commuting, and rear racks too.

Polaris Meridian E Bike Polaris E Bike Meridian ST

Designed for city riding are the Meridian and Meridian Step-Thru. They get a different fork, the Suntour NVX with 75mm travel, and 700c tires for better city riding. Also, dynamo lights come standard.



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