2013 O-Synce Navi2Move GPS cycling computer with power meter display and data crunching

O-Synce (pronounced O-Science, but O-Sync is also acceptable) is a new digital coach cycling computer brand that builds in a few uncommon power features and enhanced navigation modes.

The top model (inked as Navi2Move X here, but the final product name is Navi2Coach) is available with a wireless remote, and a USB port on the back can pull GPX files from your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) or even some Android tablets.

The key feature is their coaching system. You can create your own Fit File-based workouts or use their professionally created training plans that automatically updates the coaching plan based on your actual rides. Go too hard or too easy and it’ll recalculate the plan accordingly. Once uploaded the computer alerts you when it’s time to work it or recover and uses a count down timer so you know when the suffering will stop.

Power functions can pull data from any ANT+ power meter and include displaying normalized power, left/right balance, time based peak values with variable time lengths and much, much more. Almost too much.

€199 for the Navi2Coach system and the wireless remotes will be about €50-60 more. The remote (or buttons) let you scroll through the functions and, on the course tracking page, zoom in or out on the map.

There’s also this new €40 basic model called Urban Free that uses a wired remote and backlit screen.

There’s definitely more to this brand than I had time to cover at Eurobike, so spin over to their website for details if this sort of data overload is up your alley.


  1. The top model doesn’t seem to have map support according to their web page (I’d be glad to be proven wrong on this). Looks like they’re aiming for the Egde 500 market.

  2. I’m using O-synce’s sensors for speed, cadence and heart rate with the Edge 800, works perfectly. I chose them because they have separate speed and cadence sensors, a requirement when there is no overlap between cranks and wheel.

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