2013 Lezyne RAP multitool with 1 lumen LED pen light for fixing your bike in the dark

Lezyne showed off all sorts of fancy new integrated lens technology on their commuter and cycling lights, one with two bulbs and a thousand lumens. But the new RAP multitools with a single lumen LED pen light that slides over an allen key stole my heart.

The tiny light, pictured on its own in the bottom left, slips over an allen key with a spring-loaded ball to keep in in place. Slide it off and hold it in your mouth and it’s perfect for repair work on the trail at night. Brilliant.

More brilliance from lots of lumens after the break, too…

Their XL lights get redesigned optics with MOR lens that uses internal reflection through a one-piece lens that casts the light directly from the LED more efficiently than a using normal cone reflector. Lezyne says this pushes light further down the trail and makes the system about 10% more efficient.

Mini Drive XL  comes in at 150 lumens ($80). The Power Drive XL has 400 lumens ($90) and the Super Drive gets 500 lumens ($110).

2013 Lezyne Mega Drive XL and Mini Drive XL bicycle lights for commuting and mountain biking

The Mega Drive XL (foreground) is a new 1000 lumen light for moutain biking. It spreads the light more with a dual MOR lens design and three output levels plus a flashing mode. It’s about 250g, a bit much for a helmet mounted light perhaps.

All four use constant current technology to keep the light output stable regardless of battery level. They’re rechargeable via a micro USB port on the bottom. All can be set to Race Mode, which will jump between low and high settings only.

They’ll sell with a standard handlebar mount and are also available as a package deal that includes two bar mounts (one in each standard diameter), a helmet mount, charging cable and extra battery. All extra batteries come with an extruded alloy carrying case, and there’s a new machined alloy bar mount available as an upgrade from the plastic ones included with the light. The smaller lights are available now, Mega comes in October. All should get about 90 minutes run time on high.

2013 Lezyne Micro Drive USB rechargeable bicycle lights for commuters

The Micro Drives are new front and rear lights for $50 each or get a front/rear set for $90. They put out 150 lumens through a MOR lens but don’t get the constant current tech. They get an integrated USB plug for cable-free charging. A larger Macro Drive 300 lumen version is also available for the front only, $80. Available as a pair with the Micro rear light for $100. Rear light is 30 lumens normally but has a 70 lumen daytime-only flash mode for better visibility when the sun’s out…a mode that should not be used at night unless you really wanna piss off drivers.

All lights get a new power indicator button that uses color codes to relay power level and charging status.

2013 Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite mini bike pump

Hand pumps get a new, cheaper Carbon Drive Lite. Where the regular one has a full carbon body, the Lite version has a carbon wrap over a plastic base to come in at $60 rather than $100. At the low end, the new Sport Drive model (bottom) has an alloy model with plastic handle and a Flex Hose without the ABS bleed port to get the price down to $20. Available in black or silver in high volume and high pressure versions.

New side loading bottle cages for smaller frames, available in a 34g carbon version ($60) or composite matrix (48g, $10, white or black, sold separately or as a pair). Available in both left and right loading models, the design lets the bottle slide out at a 45° angle.

CO2 quick inflators gets a new Twin Speed Drive slip fit head that’s all metal. Slide it on the valve then twist the cartridge in all the way to start the flow. Silver or black for $20.


  1. Pliers on a mini tool? Your looking for a Swiss army knife. This tool rocks for the serious riders! General consensus has been if you are on a fix gear, and need a 15 mm, the tool is not for you, there are tools geared towards those bikes.

  2. I thought fixie riders were too cool for tools. Where would they stuff them in those tight jeans? Don’t they just toss the bike in the back of their Range Rover and take it down to local barista/bike shop?

  3. Their pumps are the best bcs their “hose system” makes for not only a more convenient/versatile but also for the most efficient pumping you can get in any hand pump: there’s no air escaping at all. That is huge when you are in the road. Big fan of Lezyne, no affiliation other than being a client of their powerful lights too!

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