2013 Trickstuff Cleg 4 four piston disc brakes get lighter with thicker rotors

Trickstuff has updated their Cleg 4 brake with a smaller caliper body and the hose is rerouted to run on the inside of the caliper. The change lightens things up a bit and makes it easier to bleed by moving the bleed port to the outside. They’ve also developed new short and long levers for Cleg 2/Cleg 4 brakes, giving riders options to fit their hand size.

Lastly, the rotors are thicker, too: 2.1mm versus 1.9mm before.

2013 Trickstuff lightweight brake caliper mount adapters

Their disc brake adapters get much slimmer and lighter – new ones on the left compared to thick, older ones on the right. Picking them up they almost don’t even register. They’re CNC machined of 7075 aluminum and come in black, red and silver. €30-40.

2013 Trickstuff Exzent eccentric bottom bracket adapter

Their Exzentriker eccentric bottom bracket looks pretty sweet, too. It fits a normal 24mm Shimano-style spindle crankset (or GXP with adapter) and mounts in a standard BSA bottom bracket shell, letting you turn just about any bike into a singlespeed without requiring a chain tensioner or adjustable dropouts.


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