2012 Moots FrosTi snow bike fat tire bike available for preorder now

While Australia have seen a white summer, those of us in the northern hemisphere still have a couple months before we need to be thinking about that. Unless, of course, your winter riding plans include the elusive Moots FrosTi fat snow bike.

They’re now taking deposits for the frames (details here) for delivery by December 15. You’ll need to plunk down $1,000 and pick your size and options no later than November 1 to get on the list. Frame retail is $3,975.


  1. I think Ti is a great material for a snowbike (or any bike for that matter), but I read through the specs and I’m not clear as to why the frames are ringing up at 4 grand a piece! Is this a unique tubeset ? Seems similar to the MOOTO X, just wider in all areas where necessary… Either way, that’s a lot of cheddar for a rigid frame.

  2. Agree with Kovas on both counts. No rust, great ride, etc.

    Fatback Ti frames are made by Black Sheep for $2100 stock geometry. I can think of a number of custom Ti builders that would come in cheaper than Moots with comparable quality and with geometry of your choosing.

    Moots looks great but I went with custom builder for my 29er and got much more bike built FOR ME.

  3. Who do these guys think they are? Based in Steamboat? Who cares. 4k for a rigid ti frame? Titanium is about $30 a pound. Add in the cost of making it into tubes and we’re looking at a couple hundred dollars in material here. What a joke. I hope no one is stupid enough to buy this thing.

  4. Salsa does their Ti Mukluk frameset for just over $2000 and it’s made in the US as well. Personally, I think I’d stick with one of the leaders in snow bikes. I’m sure Moots has the tire / chain rub issues sorted out, but I know Salsa’s been there and figured it out.

  5. I bought a Ti fatbike from Twenty2 cycles last year. Made in Colorado, beautifully welded and finished for around $2500. It’s much more than a snowbike. I ride mine to the exclusion of my stable of other mountain bikes because it’s fun and surprisingly fast. It’s like a rigid bike with 3″ of suspension. The most fun bike I’ve ever ridden in 24 years of mountain biking.

    I’ve always like Moots’ bikes, but that price is hard to take, and I wanted a fatbike with a “normal” MTB geometry vs the Moots’ jacked up front end. For reference, some of Moots’ other frames are in that same price range.

  6. For a start, I dont own one, sell them or have any financial interest in them. To those bagging the price on these bikes dont buy one. If you do, you know you are going to get a well made frame, they have been doing ti for a long time. You have to pay for that and you are also paying for a respected brand. That is how it works.

    Lets face it, these will probably all be sold before they are built and with a good profit margin. Any business that can do that is on a winner.

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