Intense M9 275 downhill mountain bike with 650B wheels

Honestly, this isn’t a stretch. Intense has been on a 650B roll lately with the new Carbine 275 and Tracer 275, and their frames have adaptability built right in.

The G3 dropouts are replaceable, so it’s likely (though not confirmed yet) that Intense’s Jeff Steber simply machined some new ones to accommodate the extra inch of wheel diameter. The M9 FRO (For Racing Only) frame has adjustable travel, geometry and shock rate and uses a straight 1.5″ headtube with pinch bolt. That last feature lets you use any sort of adjustable angle headset you like and get the geometry dialed to suit the course.

Intense M9 275 downhill mountain bike with 650B wheels

As is, they’re able to shoehorn some Kenda Nevegal 27.5×2.35 tires in there, but the top pic suggests it’s a tight fit for the fork’s arch. Rumor has it this one’s a one-off “lets see if we can do it” type project, but chances are pretty good we’ll see more of it in the near future. More info as we get it…


  1. needs stronger rims and wider tires before it can really be a dh bike… That said, I’d still give a 650B DH a test ride and not blindly bash it like every other DH poser out there.

  2. “leak” must mean something far different than the dictionary and I think it means. I’d at least apply a “crappy camera phone” filter to these purported “leaked” photos so they at least look like actual leaked photos.

  3. Too bad the only real 650b tire you can even buy at the moment is the Nevegal in either a 2.35 or 2.1. (That’s not including any non-mainstream brands that may be out there guys….)

    Anyway, I’ll pass.

  4. 2.35 is defffinateoy wide enough iu raace bc cuip curcuit and thats all i ud=se and nevagals are very nobby anyway so im guessing you can do it fine with most tires

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