Fyxation Urban Frameset Quiver Track Dropouts

Fyxation just announced their leap to frames after growing as a parts-only company. With three new cro-mo 4130 frames – Quiver, Third Ward, and East Side – Fyxation’s now in the market for an entire bike. Availability is set for December.

The Quiver shown above is marketed as a versatile urban frame. It’s equipped with rack and fender mounts, a removable derailleur hanger, and removable cable stops. Spacing on the rear is 132.5mm with horizontal dropouts. A setup like this allows for a choice between 1×10 gearing, internal hubs, single speed, and fixed. Colors are black, white and silver and MSRP is set at $219 for frame and fork.

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Fyxation Third Ward Frameset Track Dropouts


The Third Ward frameset looks to have the same geometry as the Quiver. It has all the same features, too, and 132.5mm rear spacing. The main difference is the lugged fork and threaded headset, both adding a flash of fixie style. Colors are black, white, a sparkly lime green and maybe some more that haven’t been announced. No pricing is set.Fyxation EastSide Steel Track Frameset

Also in the books is the East Side track frameset. It’s drilled for front and rear brakes and is built strictly for fixed and singlespeed with 120mm spacing on the dropouts. No word yet on the colors they’re going to make, or the pricing.

All the bikes lack headbadges. Fyxation plans on branding the seat tube with a badge instead, faced forward about an inch or two above the bottom bracket. For more details check out the 2013 catalog. They’ve yet to post these frames to the website.




  1. Getting close to my perfect frame.

    – Single speed with integrated chain tensioners.
    – Two water bottle mounts.
    – Rear cable mounts (not removable)
    – Pannier + fender mounts.
    – Forward facing seat clamp notch.

  2. The dropouts on the East Side make no sense. If you are going to put fenders and a rear brake on a fixie, it is much easier to get the wheel in and out if you use semi-sloping, forward facing horizontal dropouts, like the majority of steel touring frames have since time immemorial. This also avoids screwing up the brake pad alignment if you switch cog size, as with a flip-flop hub. Track ends may be fashionable, but they poorly serve most users of these kinds of frames.

  3. @Robert . They said that the East Side is more of track frame.. nothing in there said it was meant to be a touring frame. That’s like me saying.. “why don’t they make it discbrake and 2.35 tire compatible like a mountain bike?!?!” .. cause it’s not a mountain bike! and it’s not a touring frame either, it’s a track bike you old coot!

    now if you want to talk about the Quiver or Third Ward frame that DO have the fender and rack mounts, then fine you argument maay be valid…

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