If you poke around the web much you’ve probably seen the Blink / Steady light. With recent success on Kickstarter to the tune of 777 backers contributing an outstanding $82,367 towards a goal of only $35,000, the Blink / Steady light is now becoming reality.

This machined in the USA aluminum LED light, while appearing simple on the outside, packs some serious tech on the inside. The light implements two .5w LEDs in a distributed light pattern to best suit the urban environment, and keeps you visible from 108 degrees. An accelerometer is put to good use as well. By mounting the light one direction you get a blinking pattern, and when reversed it’s on steady. And because of that same accelerometer, the light also knows when it is in motion and turns on and off automatically. Use of two AAA batteries keeps things running in blinking mode for around 200 hours, steady mode for about 80 hours, and a standby time of more than one year.

The housing uses a lexan window and o-ring to keep all the neat insides free of the wet stuff (read: waterproof). And, the light is hard to steal, as it fixes to your stet post with 2mm soft tip (as to not damage your carbon post) allen bolts.

This new and innovative light is an example of simplistic and elegant design, and can be pre-ordered direct form their website for $95. Shipment should be sometime later this September.


  1. Nice bit of eye candy. Would still be awesome without it’s automatic on/off feature, and I’d just have it on any bike just because.
    $95 is a bit out there, though. 31.8-30.9mm is $100.

  2. + Nice design (ish).
    + Good to have some attention to detail for lights.

    – Way way way too expensive.
    – Can still easily be stolen.
    – Only rear facing light, no side swipe led’s.
    – Still looks dark.
    – Way way way way way way way too expensive.

  3. If the thing has an accelerometer, how about making it switch from flashing to steady when it detects that you are braking? That would be worth extra $$$ (or at least worth closer to the asking price).

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