Follow Tom Ritchey as he describes the experiences that led him to build the first true mountain bike, which led him to develop components for the growing mountain bike industry. The story and photos are a rich bit of cycling history – many thanks to Jay Bird Films for the video, and a shout out to Lee for the link.


  1. Never seen a pic of him wearing a real helmet. Probably was tough to get him to wear the brain bucket. I saw him fly by me on his road bike on Gold Camp road here in Colorado Springs once….no helmet.

  2. That guy is awesome. I’d like to shake him by that hand for his contribution to mountain biking. Love what he and his brand stand for. One day, I WILL treat myself to a fillet brazed Ritchey frame…

  3. I was fortunate enough to ride with Tom Ritchey a few years ago in Colorado for three days. He truly is a class act! I am proud to have some of his components on my bikes today.

  4. Great story. Was anyone else distracted by the subtitles with their typos? It’s not as if TR has a strong accent or something and can’t be understood.

  5. @Sean:
    non native american english speakers and the hard of hearing appreciate subtitles. that said there’s another version on vimeo without the subtitles.

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