2013 Hope Tech mountain bike products and prototypes

Hope Tech had their usual assortment of forthcoming and prototype CNC machined goodies. This year’s lineup included four-pot disc brake calipers, one-piece chainring with bash guard, new chain guides, pulley wheels, pedals and more. Click on through for the full rundown and closeup photos…

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined one piece chainring with integrated bash guard

Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum alloy then hard anodized in black, gold or silver, these one-piece chainrings with bash guard are designed for 1x drivetrains and play nice with their new chainguides, below. Weights from 62g depending on tooth count. They have a 104BCD and are available with 32-33-34-35-36 teeth.

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined one piece chainring with integrated bash guard

New jockey wheels are equipped with stainless steel sealed roller bearings with low contact seals for reduced drag, but with labyrinth style spacers to keep the bearings safe from muck. Claimed weight is 23g.

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined chainguides

Their new chainguides will be available in three mounting styles (seat tube mount – 33-34g; ISCG/ISCG05 – 60-64g; and BB mount for threaded BB cups – 34g). They’re designed around the chainring bash guard combo above but should work with any single ring/guard combo.

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined Driver Body for SRAM XX1 cassettes

With all this 1x drivetrain stuff, they went ahead and started work on a Driver Body freehub body for their hubs to work with SRAM’s XX1 cassette.

Their Eternity seatpost gets a new one-piece design with machined head to replace the bonded-on version from before.

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined Quad Piston V4 disc brake caliper

The V4 is an all-new brake that replaces the V2 and becomes their top offering for DH bikes. They’re claiming it has increased stiffness for better efficiency, and the larger pads should help dissipate heat better. We’re thinking all the machined ridges act as small heat sinks, too. Best of all, with rotor, this version’s lighter than the V2!

2013 Hope Tech CNC machined Quad Piston V4 disc brake caliper

The pedals, which were shown last year, are finally out. Platform rolls on three cartridge bearings and Norglide bushings stuck on a Cromoly spindle. Body is machined 2014 T6 aluminum alloy. Weight is 390g.

2013 Hope disc brake cyclocross and road wheels plus new 29er mountain bike wheels

Hope’s rolled out a wide array of new wheels, including disc brake road/cyclocross hoops built with their Pro 2 Evo and Pro 2 Evo SP hubs with Mavic Open Pro or Stan’s NoTubes Alpha rims. Carbon tubular rims are also available. A Stan’s Alpha rim option will also be available on their standard road wheels.

The 29er mountain bike wheels get new rim options as well: Stan’s Flow and Mavic 719.

All Hope had to say about these was: “This is still very much a work in progress. We are playing around with several new technologies to bring the lightest, stiffest cranks to market. There are no productsion dates in place at the moment.”


  1. they take an “eternity” to bring the seatpost to market, and then change it in a year. interesting.
    hard anodizing is brownish-to-grayish only. and just because it’s brownish or grayish doesn’t mean it’s hard anodized. any other color is just plain ol anodized. hard anodizing is significantly thicker.
    yawn on the cranks. i can’t possibly see how they would bring anything innovative to that segment.

  2. Even though I think that bash rings are silly on single speeds, I can’t help but want that integrated bash/chain ring 🙂

    FWIW: Heat sink design is a lot more complex than just adding some ridges to a caliper. While those will increase surface area, there are established formulas for determining heat sink size and spacing. Depending on air flow speed and direction and on the expected temperatures, you’d probably end up with something looking like… Shimano’s new brake pads.

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