Globalbike Wipes Chain Body Tool

We’re currently stocked up on ProGold Pro Towels and Grease Monkey Wipes and they’ve been scrub-a-dubbing just fine. But there’s more towels, many more towels debuting at Interbike, each with their own perks and smells.

Athletix Products sells Globalbike wipes as part of the Globalbike charity, donating part of the proceeds to organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa that provide bikes for people. Globalbike wipes are presaturated and come in three versions – chain, body (unscented and “fresh scent”), and a hand & tool. The hand & tool is double sided, pretty standard, one side rough and the other side soft for silky smooth bike mechanic skin. They come 30 wipes per canister or 24 wipes per soft pack. No pricing yet, but they’ll be sold here.

What do you think?