Fibrax 2Face Cleat

So you have some Look Keo cleats and you’d like them to last twice as long?  Well then Fibrax has the product for you.  Their new “revolutionary” Look Keo replacement cleat implements a new two faced design.  This means, when one face wears out, the rider can unbolt the cleat, rotate it, refasten it, and ride on.

Full presser after the break.

Press Release:

2Face Cleats To Be Launched at Eurobike 2012

2Face cleats from Fibrax last twice as long as conventional cleats thanks to their revolutionary two sided design.

The new Fibrax 2Face cleat is initially being launched at Eurobike as a Look Keo replacement cleat and allows instant replacement anywhere.

Once the cleat starts to show wear the rider simply unscrews the mounting bolts, rotates the connecting plate and reassembles. This means you get twice as much life out of 2Face cleats as traditional designs.

Designer and keen cyclist Dave Savage says;

“It is one of the constant complaints of cyclists that they have to replace cleats on a regular basis. I wanted to come up with a way to extend their life without compromising on safety or comfort. The result was 2Face cleats.”

Fibrax has built an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high quality brake pads, cables and components for the bicycle industry. The 2Face cleats provide a good example of their ability to innovate and develop exciting new products.

“We have made the process of changing the cleats over as simple as possible,” comments Savage, “and by using the best quality materials and production processes we are convinced 2Face cleats offer the best value for money around.”

The cleats are expected to be available from October 2012 and there will be a special limited edition Gold coloured cleat (FCM4000) and a standard Silver coloured cleat (FCM4010) available.


  1. Still does not solve the problem with Look Cleats from day 1, they wear out with every step you take on them. Rotation will not fix worn out surface on the bottom. Dumb idea.

  2. Cool idea. I don’t try to walk much in my road shoes but do have left to right replacement ratio of about 3:1.
    It looks to me like it rotates 90deg and flips over, right?
    Dig it. But how much more are they than OEM?

  3. I’m with Mark, you’ll still end up walking on the entire surface of the cleat. It flips over….great, now you have a freshly mangled cleat that’s never been used. Have fun tightening down the chewed surface against your shoe.

  4. @chad – the product isn’t meant to be easier – you still have to remove the cleat – it’s meant to give you more (as in double) the life span of the cleat since you can remove it and rotate it 90 degrees and use it again. Thus making it a better guy (assuming the cost is the same as a standard replacement cleat.

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