RaceWare Direct Garmin Mount

If the new Garmin house brand mount isn’t for you, then you have a few other options from the likes of BarFly, K-Edge, 3T, Quarg, and the previously unmentioned RaceWare Direct.  If you want to go more colorful however, RaceWare seems to be it.  The mount is 3D printed out of a nylon base and comes in black as standard, but other colors are available upon request.  They produce mounts for the majority of Garmin computers out there, in different bar size diameters, so finding the one you need should be a cinch.  Cost is about the same at £24.99 (roughly $40 US).


  1. I posted this on the previous Garmin mount comments. This is definitely one of the best out there and comes in different sizes depending on which computer you have.

  2. And I thought the K Edge was expensive… what’s with all these mounts selling for $40?

    If I’m not ready to spend $45-50 on a quality looking anodized CNC alloy mount made in the USA , I’m sure as heck not gonna buy some simple/basic looking plastic/nylon one, made in who knows where, for $40.

  3. While I agree, this cost is not unusual for the cycling industry. You could say the same thing about many bottle cages, for instance. It is a niche product for a select group of people not happy with a traditional Garmin mount that you already get included in the cost of your computer. With more of these mounts available, the production runs on these are probably low enough that no one truly maximizing the benefits of volume production. While I am sure there is significant markup, it is priced on par with its plastic competition. Lower weight isn’t going to make you faster but for a non-essential product, lower weight is appreciated, and at a comparable cost, these come in at less than half of the weight of a K-Edge.

  4. there’s a similar one to this that’s now available called the FlipLoc mount. unlike all other mounts like this, it’s ambidextrous and supports left- or right-side mounting. pricing is similar and is also constructed by 3D printing.


    fwiw…i have both a barfly and fliploc. both are well made, but i prefer the fliploc. it puts the cpu a little lower and more inline with the bars (looks cleaner) and the clamping area is more low-profile along with allowing ambidextrous mounting (less potential for interference with cables).

    both are very well made and neither is a bad choice!

  5. Cheaper than all the other options, specific design for 500 or for the 800, the lightest at only 16gr. Easy with the garmin unit, been plastic, not metal. Stiff and strong. I own one and I love it.

  6. I just bought the FlipLoc and although it’s nice enough, the Garmin should be the nicest even though they’re VERY late to the party. I like the Raceware version but once you add postage its pricey, more than the equivalent Fliploc unless you need the aero.

  7. My K-Edge just arrived, and I had heard that the sharp edges would be toned down, but I noticed it still shaves some bits of plastic off my Garmin. My solution will be to just use a long USB cord to charge and upload data….never removing it from my bike. Don’t use it on my mtb anyway…

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