2013 Specialized Epic 29er Kulhavy Race Replica in neon red paint scheme

Olympic Gold Medalist Jaroslav Kulhavy raced the Specialized Epic 29er full suspension to victory this summer. To celebrate, Specialized is releasing a limited run of 250 replica bikes in the “neon red” used by both Kulhavy and Alexandre Vinokourov (road). It’ll be available in early 2013, get your pre-order in now.

Meanwhile, Kulhavy will be racing a one-off gold flake painted Epic at this weekend’s UCI XC World Championships, built up with SRAM XX1. Watch the racing action live here and peep that bike below…

2013 Specialized Epic 29er Kulhavy special gold paint scheme

2013 Specialized Epic 29er Kulhavy special gold paint scheme


  1. Dear Specialized,

    Notice how beautiful a bike is when there is just ONE logo on the downtube and nothing else?

    A man who misses his old maroon S-works steel frame that you could barely read the logo on.

  2. Seems like gold was a little too heavy for Kulhavy today at the World Championship in Austria. He was 13th, Nino took back the rainbow jersey.

  3. Dear Specialized,

    I think Sevo’s talking about that CRAZY-GORGEOUS maroon S-Works steel frame/fork that was also available as a complete build with pearl grey XTR, grey Cannibal tires, grey perforated S-Works ProLong saddle, and grey Specialized anatomic grips. A kid I worked with at Jack’s Bike back in ’93 bought that on proform and seriously, that was one of the most beautiful bikes ever. And the M2 frame in “petrol” (greenish black) that year was also a fantastic color. Do that again.

  4. @Sevo- 100% agree, thats why all my Spec have been repainted solid color with single logo, I wish manufactures would embrace subtlety……submit flaming remarks now…

  5. Giant embraces subtlety in a big way…and it generally looks like A**. Then again, my current fav bike is my S Works Venge project black. Limited logos…not even the model name on it.

  6. It really is amazing how great a bike can look (especially the tarmac) with just a one color paint job and a logo or 2 in the appropriate places.

    Take note, Specialized! The black edition Tarmac and project black Venge look killer! The Olympic bikes look killer! The 2013 paint jobs all look like poo after looking so good for so many years! Throw in at least ONE single color paint job, please!

  7. @ twopage: no flames here! I agree, one solid color please! Also, a one solid (primary) color with simple graphics ages better. As others commented, those older bikes with one color still looks great even today.

    Picked up a 2011 crux last year, and it has those obnoxious diagonal black/red/white paint scheme. Meh. the lines don’t relate to anything, doesn’t follow frame lines, or convey motion. Kind of chaotic and unjustified where they decided to change colors. Would have been simpler if Specialized just stuck with one color, less work for the intern graphic designer that seems to be painting all their bikes of lately, and more timeless color choices for the customers.

    Get the hint Specialized??

  8. Why do both bikes have a plate riveted onto the seat-tube where there migt have once been a front mech – the Epic has always run a direct mount front mech – and its clear it still hasd the ability to do so on these frames. Why would they spray it, and then add a front mech plate that wont ever be used?

  9. antsonline- i dunno. it was on his gold bike, and for a while on his black bike too. never found a pic of him or any other pro running a fd there though. its annoying the hell outta me for the last three days. im asking some specialized dudes about it tomorrow.

  10. With Specialized, individual market leaders make their requests as to what colorways will be created for upcoming model years. Each market leader bases this on customer and dealer feedback. That explains the gaudy neon disco colors Specialized has to make to appease the tight t-shirt, capri and purse-wearing male Euro demographic. Same thing with the badging; you don’t think they make these decisions in a vacuum, do you?

  11. As a former Spec’ employee, Biletnikoff is dead on. I remember seeing roughly 20-25 different Tarmac SL2’s painted in crazy and not so crazy colorways. All to be put up in front of Spec’Euro, Spec’Aussie, Spec’South’Merica, Mike’s Bikes, Erik’s, etc. etc. etc.

    They choose what you’ll ride.

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