2013 Phil-Wood Santa Cruz V10 fat tire snow bike conversion

At first glance, I thought this was a gimmick to draw attention. A helluva gimmick, but a gimmick nonetheless. Turns out it’s quite real, even if it is just an early version of a conversion kit.

Phil Wood, with a little help from Jay Jeremy Sycip, built a functioning set of parts to turn Santa Cruz’s V10 downhill mountain bike into a fat tired snow bike. It uses adapters at the bottom bracket, a massive rear hub, altered Manitou Dorado and more to make it happen.

They also had new track cranks and seat collars. Bike and parts pics, details and suspension of practicality below…

2013 Phil-Wood Santa Cruz V10 fat tire snow bike conversion

The 135mm front hub required new crowns for the Manitou Dorado inverted fork. It’s a 29er Dorado with a stopper inside to limit travel to 6″.

2013 Phil-Wood Santa Cruz V10 fat tire snow bike conversion

It has a 185mm wide rear hub, which is 15mm wider than a standard snow bike hub. They make the hubs and the axles and just made a longer axle. The rear wheel is a Surly that’s designed to be laced with 32 spokes. They laced two sets of holes for a 64 spoke build to make it as stiff and strong as possible since weight wasn’t as much of a concern. It’s such a big wheel they had to use a motorcycle truing stand to build the wheel!

2013 Phil-Wood Santa Cruz V10 fat tire snow bike conversion

They made a spacer kit to spread the crankset out and get the clearance and chain line right.

2013 Phil-Wood Santa Cruz V10 fat tire snow bike conversion

They’re still fine tuning the concept and will show an even higher end version at Interbike. Sycip rear end is made by Jeremy SyCip to fit Santa Cruz’s pivot position specs. They’ll lengthen the chainstays a bit more to fit a knobbier tire. Rear end travel is 8″.

As much as anything, this is likely a design exercise to see what’s possible and ferret out interest. Want your own? Let ’em know.

2013 Phil Wood track bike crankset


Phil Wood also has a new track crankset that’ll be $650.

2013 Phil-Wood machined seat collar clamp in anodized colors

Seat collar is $35 and will be available with 28.6, 31.8 and 34.9 inside diameters. And yes, that’s purple ano.



  1. I want one of these kits after they figure it all out. I have one request, I have to be able to bolt on an Ego Kit! ( http://www.ego-kits.com/ ) . This would then be my ultimate fun machine when I want to have lots of Crazy downhill fun!!!! I have a 2003 Yeti ASX now that’s waiting patiently for it’s Ego Kit upgrade but heck this combo could be even better.

  2. It sounds funny to say out loud but that seat collar is gorgeous in the polished finish.

    A big tired V10 is cool I guess from a fabrication exercise standpoint, but seems a bit like a answer to a question that nobody asked.

  3. No fender and rack mounts?! How the heck am I suppose to do multi-day snow downhilling bike packing?

    Just kidding – that thing is rad.

  4. mtbrider, it says that a limiter was installed to keep the travel at 6″. Otherwise the wheel would hit the crown, resulting in a bad ending.

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